Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yaay!! The GreatHouse Gift Guide!

We've been spreading the cheer at GreatHouse and last Friday the Snowflake Stroll was a huge success. A BIG thank you to the Summit Downtown Inc. for putting together an incredible night. Also thank you to Regal Bank right on our street for underwriting the great giveaways! It was such a nice crowd and the shop was full of a warm holiday spirit!

Everyday feels like a holiday party at GreatHouse with many of you bringing friends to experience the displays and special items we have been searching for all year. I have put together some of the many gifts here for those of you who can't get to us this season.....please call us for more details or shipping.

For the Dog Lover.... 
Funny coasters, $12.50, vintage handmade Viking glass bookends, $85.00 pair, vintage silver bookends, signed, $ 245.00 pair, Nice Nosing You, humorous doggy book with hysterical photographs, $25.00, white composite French bulldog, $48.00 (more animals available, antique porcelain dog, $ vintage brass bookends, $155.00 pair

They are always working hard at their desk....make it special!  
Artisan crafted iron gear bookends, $425.00 pair, vintage brass bull and bear on marble bookends, $395.00 pair, Art Deco iron on marble figurative bookends, $325.00 pair, vintage silverplated horse form bookends, $225.00 pair

For the mid century modern collector.... 
Vintage 3 tone wooden bookends, $175.00 pair,  
vintage brass and teak candlesticks, vintage wood piece vase, $110, all shown on a vintage black lacquer and wood tray, $155.00

Always in the kitchen?.....Vintage mint canisters, $68.00 set, vintage chrome spice rack, $64.00 paddle style wooden cheeseboard, $46.00

For the femme fatale......gold lips tray, $24.00, female silhouette dresser tray,$30.00,  ostrich skin wrist bag with hornback crocodile strap, $85.00, vintage marble box, $245.00,  alabaster covered box with agate handle, $54.00, sexy eyes tray, $16.00, all shown on a vintage silver plate tray.

So excited to have these artisan glasses at GreatHouse for your special bourbon/whiskey drinker. ....Hand blown with an important heft, $125 a pair. vintage silver plate cocktail shaker, $375.00, vintage Gorham silver plate gadrooned edge rectangular tray, $245.00

Who loves trying a new recipe? ....Bisque porcelain pitcher, $42.00, vintage teak canister set, $110.00 set, porcelain lion handled serving bowls from France, $44.00 ea., trending recipe books with beautiful photographs, $27.50-$ 35.00, antique cheeseboards for creative tablescape from France, $125-$375.00,  hand stamped cotton kitchen towels, $22.00

For the tea lover....cozy faux fur throw blankets, from 30 furs in 3 sizes, starting at $329.00, "steep up to the plate" ceramic tea bag rest, $14.00, hard cover tea book, $24.99. Pretty Suzanne....priceless!

Climbing the ladder of success or already there? Unique desk accessories, vintage lucite letter holder with brass deer, $ 285.00, vintage brass obelisks, $295.00 pair, artisan iron ball lamps, $ 475.00 pair, vintage chrome automobile "POWER" plaque, mounted on stand, $265.00, vintage lucite penny obelisk, $65.00, vintage chrome covered box, $225.00

Teachers on your list?....marble eggs,  $38.00- $158.00, show your sense of humor with our Circus book, snort!, $28.00 , ceramic notepad cheeseboard, $32.00, tea bag tray, $14.00, gold and white serving tray, $16.00 ea., various games to break the routine, $22.00, vintage hand blown glass Apple.

I am lucky enough to have my sisters curate a unique and fantastic everchanging collection of jewelry. So popular at GreatHouse with diamonds, leather, brass and beautiful semi precious stones at price points for gift giving! You know YOU have a wish list too! 
Follow them on Instagram @sissys_jewelry!

For the Christmas lover who can't get enough red and green or for someone who wants to start a collection..... While they last our popular glitter trees, 
 2 ft.$58.00 and 3 footers, $85.00, we have many vintage Christmas glass sets from , vintage Santa mugs in minis for place cards, candy or even shot glasses to coffee size for a funny Christmas morning! Moderate pricing varies

Below enjoy the spectacular just 2 wreaths available, hand made with all vintage ornaments! I ordered these in June and they just arrived and are featured in our window display. I was only able to get 2 as the artisan supplies a couple of famous specialty businesses and works all year for them.

We found it! Stunning magnolia wreaths that will last forever FAUX! 32 inches, $345.00 limited supply.

We will be open late Friday, December 16th until 9 pm when Summit hosts horse and carriage rides right on our street! Nothing like seeing that old fashioned wagon trot by every few minutes to get you in the mood. We hope you stop by to share the season with us. Make a night of it and enjoy our many great restaurants! 
We will be open late Friday December December 16th till 9 and on Sunday, December 18th from 11-4. Also if you are pressed for time we will be happy to offer curbside service ...just call us 908-522-8900 and we will bring your packages out to the car.

Don't forget to go easy on yourself this season.....I really don't know how my mother made Christmas to the level she did , but in the end my best childhood memories were when  there was laughter in the house no matter what didn't get done!  Happy Holidays!  

Love and hugs, 

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Friday, December 2, 2016

December happenings and family Thanksgiving!

Hellloooo December! So much is going on in Summit this month starting tomorrow night when all the stores will be open late some till 9pm! GET THIS!! Find the elves walking around handing out snowflake dollars which can be used as cash in downtown Summit until December 31st and there are even a couple of $100's in their sacks ! Thank you to the Summit Downtown for encouraging shoppers to keep it local!  
It's a great night to see all we have been carefully collecting for holiday gifts and to kick off the holiday season with GreatHouse! Matt will be creating small tree cloches available for purchase! After some shopping I know some of you are meeting up with friends at one of Summit's great restaurants. Enjoy free babysitting at the YMCA from 5:30-9:30. There will also be carolers on the street, free hot chocolate, and free gift wrapping at 408 Springfield Avenue. Last year was really fun and a great way to get in the holiday spirit and get some shopping done locally.

Many of you requested family Thanksgiving photos .... 

Thanksgiving always starts Wednesday night when the men prep the birds with special rubs, enjoy a bourbon and inject the bird with flavorful herb con goons that they discuss at length the week before Thanksgiving.

Both my son and my nephew Nicky love to cook!

You would never find my Italian father prepping for the holidays, my mother always did it all with my Grandmother but Dad buys the cigars for them to enjoy while frying the birds outside. He was like a kid in a candy shop!

We started Thursday morning getting up at the crack of down and driving into NYC to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Police were everywhere keeping the areas secure....our world is changing, isn't it?

There was still a festive spirit and we thanked the men and women in blue!

Hello Kitty!

My niece, Bergen, on the right was a clown in the parade this year and had a ball dancing and spreading cheer. It's such a great experience .....if you know a Macy's employee you can be in the parade too! I was a balloon handler twice and it was such a fun unique morning!

My sisters and I all live in the same small town in NJ and years ago we started walking from house to house and doing a different course at each home.  It's fun to get out and exercise a bit and be outdoors together. My 32 year old son meets with his high school football buddies every year for breakfast and he wears his old jacket all day....who says "you can't go home again" ?

Nicole went Italian Thanksgiving style this year and made lasagna with her noodles from scratch!!! DIVINE!!

The birds were fried at Danielle's and pictured above are my son Ryan, my father, my son Adam and my husband Roger...and, of course, my photo bombing munchkin Madison!  
FYI we also roasted a bird but everyone loves the flavor of the fried bird better!

Nicky got to do the honors this year and very SLOWLY
drop the bird in the hot oil.

"Jim got a tad too close to the bubbling oil" pictured here with my
brother-in-law Tom.

Jim always plans fun things and this year we played Hammerschlagen!! There is a nail in the wood stump ... you take the hammer, flip it in the air and grab the handle and follow through with a WHACK!  Fun! 

I hosted the dessert course this year....I made a lemon tart with toasted coconut, pumpkin cheesecake and my niece Hilary made a beautiful apple cranberry pie with a leaf trimmed crust....delicious!

After dinner my sister Denise brought out this crazy game called SPEAK OUT! You are supposed to put these ridiculous looking contraptions in your mouth and then try and read difficult phrases and have your team figure out what you're saying. Well it was easy peasy as both teams didn't even need a second reading....what up?

The game was a bust but was it really?? We laughed until we cried...

I hope you all had a memorable and fun day surrounded by love and good cheer. As we gear up for the next festivities I feel I am ahead of the game as I already thought of this year's....CHRISTMAS QUESTION!!  
This is a fun activity....each year I come up with a silly question and I email it to all the guests who email their response back to me....all ages this year from 7-87! Some answers are short, some are lengthy and hysterical! We print out the responses and each Christmas we try and guess who said which one.  
Some of the questions have been... 
"Which job would you have at the North Pole?"or 
"Santa is tired of his suit how would you restyle it?"  And one year it was "describe your fantasy Christmas!"

Let me know if you try The Christmas Question this year,  it's fun and everyone enjoys it tries to get bragging rights. We don't even care when certain people always resort to cheating....you know who you are!!

Love and hugs, 

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Your Thanksgiving table ideas and a recipe!

We're thinking about Thanksgiving at GreatHouse!  I've put together personal pictures we have of foods and flowers placed in unique antique pieces that will make your Thanksgiving table the talk of the day! Think out of the box and even though the menu hardly changes, the serving pieces can create a fresh take on the turkey feast and create the warmth we all want this time of year.

Vegetable crudité served in an antique enamel bread bin..

My sister's antipasto looked irresistible on an
antique breadboard. 6 available

The moose antler on the left held the crackers and was a definite conversation piece next to our raised antique cheeseboard. One moose antler available!

We love to just pile on the pickings, not having everything so symmetrical.

This metal egg catcher is a great serving piece with the fine linen napkin. One egg catcher available. We have many one of a kind vessels that contrast beautifully  with your linens.  

Avant garde use for salad or used as a serving tray for the turkey.

We love the meat on our leaf tray.
One leaf tray available and many more vintage trays in stock!  

This bread basket is actually a bin from a general store scale. We have 2 available with one in brass!

Jaime from Parker's Petals loaded up our porcelain planter to make this centerpiece burst with color! One available!

She also used our antique wooden dough bowls to create this stunner!
3 antique dough bowls available.....the REAL thing!

We have one zinc bin which, with sunflowers is a is a great entry display!

Genuine felled antlers bring the outdoors in !

Available Vintage flatware $3.00 a piece.

Customers are choosing our handmade mushrooms as we put the cloche together for them

Each handmade hand painted mushroom is $6.00 and creates a beautiful tablescape. We are here to help!

If you follow me on Instagram you may know I asked my talented sister, Nicole, to enter our local apple pie baking contest for GreatHouse. I am fortunate enough to have such a supportive family and, even though she is the busiest person, she didn't hesitate to say "sure"!  Her award winning pie (of course) is pictured below, with buttery, flaky leaf cutouts it tastes as good as it looks. She is known in our family as making the best pie crusts. She kindly shared the recipe....let me know if you bake it and how it comes out.

At GreatHouse I continue to be inspired by our team of happy, dedicated  friends.  XOXO  If you want a shot of positive, stop by! I am so grateful to have my store in the hands of these wonderful creative people and to share my days with them.  This Thanskgiving I am grateful for many things and especially thankful for your support of GreatHouse. Your kindness, your stories and your sharing your homes with us means so much to us. We are so proud to be a part of your lives and will continue to work to bring you unique, quality merchandise and experiences and workshops to enrich your lives. 
Happy Thanksgiving,
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