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A New Feature AND fresh pieces!!! - June 9, 2010

Hi Everyone.......
A few weeks ago while I was running (I do a lot of thinking while I run)  I was feeling my newsletters might be getting a little boring and I was remembering when I was selling in the Hamptons how fun it was to tell you the famous people buying my things.  It was a hoot at the time to report but, I have to say, I enjoy the interaction with my current customers so much more and am always impressed by their creativity.

Many stop in regularly and it feels like family as they plan and find things they love.  I decided to start a feature section where I go to their homes and take some pictures to show you their perspective and how they have included pieces they have acquired from my collections.  This first visit is close to my heart as Anne Britt was my VERY, VERY first customer ever when I started this whole adventure at The Summit Antiques Center.  I was just setting up my booth and Anne came through saying such positive things about my offerings (she always does).  That first day she bought a piece of  art for herself and another for a friend and told me she thought I would "do really well".  Her comments meant so much to me and when I took the big leap to my current location in downtown Summit,  Anne said "I'll sleep on the sidewalk to be your first customer when you open".  (She's my good luck charm!) Although she has 4 very active children she remembered to be the first one to walk through the door of Trouvaille on opening day to buy something.  (SO SWEET!!)  So that is THE long story of why Anne is my first feature..

Anne puts very deliberate thought into what she buys for her beautiful homes in both Summit and Sea Girt.  She likes clean lines, important pieces, earthy colors and appreciates good pottery and art. She likes some funky things, too, like metal objects and iron and surfboard decor??? I remember one of our first meetings she was hosting a party for some of her husbands colleagues and for some reason they had an association with time. (I forget exactly) she scattered small clock and watches faces on the dining table to continue the subtle theme she had chosen (I was impressed). She continues to be drawn to clock faces, as many of you are.  Notice her well chosen paint color in the living room (aaaarrrgghhh paint!)  which creates a nice background for the antique clock faces she chose and, the most beautiful piece of pottery I had, displayed in her living room (picture below).

Her home in Summit has all the charming "to die for" elements only found in an older home... leaded glass windows with iron hardware, deep moldings, rich wood bannisters and natural stone.  She has a wonderful slate courtyard patio entrance, (so charming!)  and her entry is a fantastic old door which opens into an inviting hallway. Here are 2 Charles Hill paintings and 4 more in her dining room alongside several creamy ironstone pieces that cool down the colorful art in a pleasing way.  

Anne's very good taste is reflected in the renovations she has completed....her kitchen is magazine worthy (GREAT FLOOR AND BRICK WALL!!)  The kitchen is terrific and so is her dog, Sport, but I need to mention Anne's great LEGS!!  You can tell she is a marathon runner. 

Anne's counter displays the white enamel bread bin (one of my favorite things to find - pictured above).  The tin basket on her island was a gift  from a friend who knew exactly what Anne would like.  Anne changes the eye catching contents from time to time to make the kids pause as they run through the kitchen (clever gal!).  Currently it holds Legos.

Upstairs her bathroom has recently been completed, isn't it beautiful??  Notice the marble framed mirror and cut marble circle border that looks like water bubbles!!  (so cool).  Although any renovation always brings frustration along with it, it doesn't affect Anne's naturally optimistic outlook.


Anne's current picks at Trouvaille pictured at the store below are the metal magazine basket next to the primitive pine cabinet and the metal baskets pictured underneath the industrial Belgium table and the enamel clock face on the chair, one of several from the south of France available at the store.

Anne is one of those customers who inspires me, not just by her creativity but, by her thoughtfulness and kindness as well. She even sees things she thinks other people will like and sends them over to the store. We are all  part of a circle and I am happy Anne has been in mine for so many years.  I thank her for not hesitating a second when I asked her to be my first feature.  She has such great karma!  

Thank you Anne and regards to all,
Bonny  x0x0x0x0

P.S.-  Please e-mail me with any questions.  Father's day gift ideas available include crystal pilsner glasses, cocktail shakers, cigar holders, steer horns on lucite bases, bookends, silver trays, vintage poker set, antique boxes, vintage sports art and antique ship prints

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