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 I have always liked a nice trunk....two things I LOVE ...History and romance!  I think it's from all those old movies I watched when I was young where someone was creeping upstairs to the attic to open an old trunk full of intriguing heirlooms.  It's the history that fascinates, of course, as traces of generations have often been passed down in an old trunk that no one can part with.  Whether it was packed to cross the Atlantic with dreams of prosperity or as a "hope chest" collecting future heirlooms by a romantic young lady, antique trunks hold special stories.   Who doesn't love the site of all those precious gems dripping out of a pirates treasure chest?  Remember Aunt Pitty Pat throwing the silver in her trunk when they were rushing out of Atlanta in Gone With the Wind?? I wonder where that trunk is?   I know the silver is all dented.  Anyway, I really wanted to mention using them in today's home.....they add wonderful interest and, definitely, a conversation piece....

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A good size trunk can stand alone or anchor a nice piece of art
as in the picture above.   Many nice white accent pieces are also available for bookcases, as mentioned in several blogs and pictured here.  I "borrowed " this favorite picture from Brooke Giannetti.  Her beautiful blog Velvet And Linen very often seems to make my point. Please check my favorite blog list further down on the left.  It's an easy way to gain inspiration.  Cote de Texas always has valuable info and a pleasure to read.

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An interesting trunk works as a charming bedside table.

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The curve of a dome top trunk  adds a nice dimension to this modern bedroom.

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This dome top dark wood and iron trunk adds needed warmth in this all white bedroom.

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This wicker trunk tones down all the bright colors while adding texture...the old and new contrast in this picture is really appealing.

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Mostly all white room the dark trunk and floors and, of course, the brick fireplace.

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GREAT leather chair, love a round mirror (available), interesting wall color,  nice geometric rug and, of course...the trunk!

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The ultimate antique Louis Vuitton, monogrammed no less. evoking exotic travels aboard a luxury steamliner across the globe....

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If they only could talk and tell the tale...

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This botanical art looks more important with the distressed trunk underneath.....great storage too!

A modern room.  With the look of all neutrals an antique trunk adds needed contrast.  If a new dark piece were chosen here instead of the trunk, the room would appear cold.  It still appears a little cold for me....I would replace the floor lamp with an antique one and add a throw to the left sofa.

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Available ...
Dome Top 19th Century Trunk with iron mounts
Inv. 83, h 24 w 48.5 d 21.25

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Large Antique Wicker Basket with leather straps FRANCE $525.00
Inv. 103, H 19.75 w 38 d 25

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Vintage Trunk in Layered Wood adding wonderful interest with its unique color and pattern
Inv. 28, h 11.75 w. 30 d 13.5

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19th Century Grain Painted Blanket Chest, American
Inv. 43, h 19 w 36 d 18

SUNDAY NIGHT SALE  It sort of looks like a trunk.  A nice antique distressed hand tooled leather stationery box.
This Italian piece originally had a lid but there is enough detail at the top that you will never miss it.
h-6  1/2, w 9  3/4,  d 5  retail $285.00.

You can see it is decorated with hand painted panels and a touch up to the back top border

First person to email me, gets it!  Good luck and buyer pays shipping. 

Also a few announcements.  The month of May will be VERY busy for me as I will be away on 2 buying trips including a special trip to Belgium and France sooooo, put your orders in for what you are wishing for.

Many thanks to Stacy for including me in her latest post and also mentioning me in her feature in Better Homes and Garden (not yet released)

Please stop by the Red Door Home blog and check out Stacy's blog and online store. Really beautiful things and also other nice blogs she lists will inspire and give you a stress break as the pictures are gorgeous!

Come see  our new window display and the many new additions to the shop.  We would love to see you and give you our usual "royal treatment"!   Delivery available everywhere.......

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  1. Thanks for the mention Bonny! I think I must have close to 10 trunks of all different shapes and sizes in my house. They are so versatile and of course great for storage too.