Wednesday, December 5, 2012


My son came home this past weekend for his annual trip to "get the tree".  He is VERY "tree specific", lets call it, but I have to say he must be evolving because when he placed his find in the family room this year the size didn't warrant removing every piece of furniture from the room. HE LIKES IT BIG!!  He does a masterful job of placing each light and then scoots back to the city and I have 2 ladders around old tannenbaum for a month while I try and make it look less like Rockefeller Center and more like home....I truly LOVE Christmas but, probably like you, feel a little stressed with all the opportunities for fun. 

I showed a picture of the store planters last week on the blog and many of you commented on them so I thought I could give you a how- to with my own, above. Very easily done.

I went to our larger garden center and bought
Red branches
2 red artificial fruits I poked on green sticks from the gardencenter
2 picks of artificial magnolia leaves ( love the copper color)
Some cedar branches with seeds
Some cedar branches without seeds
Some evergreen boughs
3 "bricks " of oasis foam

Take the 3 bricks and place them hole side down in water, below

They absorb the water and also are easy to poke with stuff but so is dirt already in your pots.

Cut with a knife to fit.  The planter above is 12 inches in diameter

First the plain cedar

Then add some cedar with the seeds..

Then add the evergreen for some form

Then add the magnolias in the center...the brown color is a nice contrast...and then add.....

red sticks for height.  I really wanted full red berry sprays but they only had short ones.  When I cut them I noticed the garden center had  sprayed healthy branches....the branches weren't even dried out yet .

The should try and find plastic as in very cold weather the foam ones usually crack and show the white styrofoam underneath.

VOILA!! I must add that everything looks great in an antique real stone beautifully aged planter. EMAIL ME for pictures of planters I have available.

I placed an antler to bring a little lightness to it. Pinecones also look great!

Things have been abuzz at the shop. We have a new store window...a black and white themed family room with red and green.  Katie outdid herself again! Thanks Katie!

The shop is FULL of small special accents and gifts....I have been bringing a car load of small items every day.

Several spectacular pieces to use as wine coolers and the 19th century wood Turnbridge box, above, from England, is one of several available.   An antique box is a wonderful gift for the men in your life.  Functional in use for organization of  "his stuff" and also beautiful to add to your decor.  I gave one to my son a few years ago and I'm happy when I see it in his apartment knowing it will be a keepsake that moves right along with him.

Also available are antique mercury glass Christmas trees, rare treasures.

The vintage sheet music makes every bowl look great! 

I am hoping to post some pictures next blog of gifts available (If  I can find the time) as I have found when I give an antique or vintage item they are always the most cherished.
Have a great week!  My decorating will be finished (except the tree!) and baking will begin next week!  I have a question for you like a full "perfect " tree or a Charlie Brown wacky looking tree like I do???? Would love to hear your thoughts...

Warmest regards,

We are open Sundays until Christmas from 12-5

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
12 Beechwood Road  Summit, NJ
 Monday-Saturday 10-5:30


  1. Fantastic planter tutorial, Bonny! And, ohhhhh, does the shop look great. LOVE that last photo.
    All best,

  2. Bonnie

    Your shop looks absolutely fabulous! Love what you did with the clock! I love what you all are doing with planters! Here in CA our planters are still alive and well so we don't have that option!

  3. I have always cherished the old Polish glass ornaments that have survived from my grandmother and mother - not many,so I also collect new ones that are styled after the vintage. Needless to say I'm not the Charlie Brown tree type. That said, the tree is slathered with so many sparkly and glass ornaments that any imperfections of the tree would not be noticed !

    Your shop definitely looks like a place that I need to explore so I'll be sure to come there in the near future. I see many lovely objects in your photos! Happy Holidays