Monday, April 21, 2014

TEXAS roundup and LOTS going on!

As the trucks roll up from Texas full of my new arrivals a recap of our great trip AND some announcements including a "By Invitiation Only" Sale when the pieces arrive. INSTAGRAM continues to be the very BEST way for you all to see the latest arrivals. Pieces are selling right from Instagram as I post pronto every day! It's easy....just ask the teenager in your life to download the app and click to "follow" Bonny Neiman.

The fantastic people of Texas sure have personality and we enjoyed soaking up every but of it including some warmer temperatures.

I was in love with this gal's shop name....

This mirror is on its way...

A couple of these beauties also are coming...

3 Louis Philippe mirrors I purchased in France were transported by my friend and will land in NJ soon.

Charming cabins are scattered in the very small towns.  Blue wildflowers dotted the landscape.

My favorite stop was playing with this English bulldog, Maxine. She was so happy.  EVERYONE sells cowboy boots....LOVED that!

Gorgeous stone...

On its way!

Royers Restaurant is in the center of Round Top, population 90, and is a must stop for dining. A fun time with shared tables and a great way to meet new friends and hear their stories.

The pies are DIVINE!! The one in front is called a cinnamon bun pie!

Outside while folks wait on hay bales it's explained...
L.I.T.S. means you have 2 choices....."Like It....Tough Sh.T!"
It's worth it after a long day combing the fields.

The area is FULL of personality and fun!

It seems like everyone has a camper...

The JUNK GYPSIES are 2 adorable sisters that started years ago taking one slow night and dressing up in their vintage clothes and calling it the "gypsy prom". Like all great ideas it's grown to THE event of the show and the music blasts and margaritas flow as participants come dolled up in incredible "prom" outfits to dance and share stories.  I loved Texas for this reason....they really have fun and don't take themselves seriously. 
Read their great story HERE and how their passion has grown including planning Miranda Lambert's and Blake Shelton's wedding.  I wanted to take the barn, above, home with me.  It was the site of the gypsy prom.

The bleached dining table from Belgium is on its way.

Arriving soon ! Several pieces of gorgeous art on board....
VERY layered ....

My husband became best friends with this master of the BBQ returning everyday for lunch!

Arriving soon...

18th century vineyard door on its way, one of several doors..All great pieces in the collection will be available the day of the sale.  I will send another email with the details and post pictures on Instagram. Furniture, accessories, pillows, mirrors, architectural, garden.....

MAY 9 & 10th

Details to follow.

Warmest regards,
Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all!!

PPS FINALLY the HouseHunters feature that was filmed at my shop will air April 21st on HGTV at 10pm.  See if I ended up on the cutting room floor, HA!

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  1. Okay loving those rustic round mirrors and that textured art is great! I will have to come in as see those things soon!