Sunday, May 18, 2014

Back from Brimfield with NEW Finds!!

I'm just back from Brimfield which is always a fun and successful buying trip.  While not everyone's best time, there is nothing I enjoy more than romping through the dusty fields in search of interesting pieces for your homes. INSTAGRAM has once again proven to be the very BEST way to see the latest finds (it's easy) and followers not only get first look but receive first dibs.

There are dozens of food stands in Brimfield most centrally located and this one, above, selling turkey sandwiches had a line with more than a 45 minute wait. As I walked past I tried to decide what food item I would wait that long for and couldn't come up with any.  Maybe they know something I don't.

I snagged this file cabinet that was from a school in Brooklyn. It will make a cool console.

Clock Available.

The mid century trend was heavily represented and I have added several vintage lamps to my collection.

WHOOP WHOOP!  You can imagine how thrilled I was with this perfectly distressed tufted wing chair!

Several new original arts.

These vintage lamps have a great combination of parchment bases, metal and rosewood.  REALLY nice !

Mid size zinc columns will be mounted on bases and create a beautiful decorative architectural vignette.

These racks hook on the shower heads originally at bath houses and bear the number plaques. They make a great historical addition to your outdoor shower to hold necessary soaps and shampoos.

This white basket is bigger than it looks in the picture and stores your beach towels while adding vintage chic.

This pair of limestone urns are just a small sampling of many antique stone items including sundials, armillarys, planters and plaques. I LOVE antique stone pieces used indoors and out and always hear my husband's voice saying "look away" whenever I spot one.  They are SUPER heavy and not so much fun for him.

This iron sculpture trio is my favorite find, I think.  GREAT smalls are VERY hard to find even in Europe.

A BIGGIE!  (I did NOT buy this) unfortunately with all the "made in China" clock face copies you can get EVERYWHERE even at Walmart it has devalued the real thing to a lot of people.

Love this art find.

 I have 2 of these vintage lamps!

The best vintage Eames chair at the show and it's available!

I fell in love with this Bernard Buffet style coastal art.

THIS is original Coumont ad poster for Barney's New York.  Vintage posters are trending again and this one has it all.

Vintage Industrial multi drawer cabinet.  The other one I had from France sold right away so I was thrilled to find this one.

You see everything in Brimfield.....although I knew of 3 people I could get this for I resisted.

My husband Rog is the hottest porter on the fields...biking and pulling a cart, he has all the moves and we share a lot of laughs.  We always prefer picking up our finds ourselves.  Not only does it keep costs down but the gentle handling pays off when we unwrap.

6 vintage Thonet chairs...

I can't leave out my first love......several French pieces have been added including side chairs, benches and these vintage Louis XVI style beauties......I would change the fabric though and would be happy to help you with the choice.

The mood is festive with most of the sellers...

I LOVE these 2 maps. As a mother of sons it was hard to find interesting art for their rooms. These vintage maps have great color and vintage graphics.  This one depicts dozens of American folklore legends like Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett and shows their US locations.

This one is historical and depicts battles and expeditions like Lewis and Clark in their geographic areas with the dates. If I had these when my sons were younger we would have spent hours looking up and reading about each noted historical figure.  A fun bedtime ritual, It's a lot easier now with the internet.

Each are $550.00 and your son will have a valuable art piece he has enjoyed in his room to take with him when he has his own home.

I think the collection right now includes the best unique interesting finds both in furniture and objects I have ever had.   The few pictures , above, are only a sampling......artisan , vintage , antique and the new upholstery line , carefully chosen, bring you an opportunity to personalize your home with a one of a kind treasure.   The luxurious fabrics I have found have been made into affordable pillows and are flying out of the store and warehouse. It has been fun welcoming you all to the warehouse space, in addition to the Beechwood Road store and being able to display everything .....NOT TO MENTION THE ON SITE PARKING LOT! I will have warehouse hours (315 B Springfield Avenue Summit, NJ ) everyday except Sunday usually from 11-at least 3)  store hours at 12 Beechwood Road are from 10-5:30. We will be closed Memorial Day Monday. Please don't hesitate to email me...I check email several times a day. I look forward to seeing you and sharing the ideas I have for each piece you will see in the collection.

Warmest regards,

Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items
EMAIL ME with any questions.

INSTAGRAM is the the very best way to see the latest pieces...

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