Thursday, October 8, 2015

Round Top Roundup!


  Just returned from another fantastic trip to Round Top! It was a different one for me as my regular sidekick (husband Roger) couldn't make it.

I am blessed with having the most wonderful, fun loving women complete the picture at GreatHouse. They travel A LOT and are always game to try something new which is why I wasn't surprised when Susan said "I'll go!". She was back 2 nights from Nantucket and is heading to St.John this weekend but hit the ground running in hot Texas!


We were so happy with our ride....doesn't it scream TEXAS??
Where's our antler mount?


So many beautiful pieces are on their way to NJ including a pair of these fantastic bookcases. Susan was thrilled to meet favorite artist Scott Kerr and we're excited to receive several of his latest paintings.


I swooned over these spectacular barn doors....the color, the hardware, the diagonal planks!! I could just picture them creating the right mood in a new farmhouse.

Taxidermy is every where you turn in Texas!


Junk gypsies had an outhouse photo booth set up....every bathroom should have a crystal chandelier!

Shelia is a real pro! Here we are discussing yardage for a project. I am always so excited with the luxurious high end fabrics I bring back. I always preorder pillows.

One of my favorite things is meeting new artists and artisans.

Lodging is hard to come by in Round Top and since I decided to go to Texas last minute, we were lucky this beauty was there for us. What we didn't know was the bathroom house was separate and a late night visit included shooing away about 20 lizards who were having fun at the entry light. When Susan reported this back to me I immediately started emailing some inns for cancellations and I will have another blog on our fortunate upgrade! While I was sleeping here there was a large animal munching at my headboard wall and I could see moonlight through the wall boards.....think snakes!


Now this is an interesting version of a media cabinet!

This painting was from a Dallas bar :)  


Scored this bow front beauty!

These are coming!

Making friends with Louis the Louis guy!    


One of the best parts is finding new handmade products...


These are coming to NJ and the seats are lambskin leather.

Industrial metal beams polished, mounted on lucite make stunning lamps!

Gail is our favorite waitress....the very best there is for southern hospitality and efficiency.

Steve is a former Florida police officer who is enjoying great success as a furniture designer and artisan.

 Next time I want to be behind the wheel of this!

There is nothing like the people of Texas....spirited, sweet, creative and fun! Was so happy to share this experience with Susan, a real trooper and such great company.

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  1. LOVE your PHOTOS!I LOVE The look of your HOME TOO for a few days??Looks like YOU had loads of fun and FOUND some winners..............BRAVA!
    You been over on my blog recently.......TWO POSTS BACK I have a PIGGY in my BED!!!
    He is REAL and a GRAND BABY!!