Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Early Black Friday Specials and a Thanksgiving throwback!

We're starting Black Friday Sales today! In addition to "buy one, get one" special on candles, Sissys Jewelry is having their very first sale. WOWZA! I'll have to look at that myself!  Their pieces have gained quite a following with their stylish curated selection.
We are also offering our fantastic selection of antique and
vintage mirrors (some pictured below) at
15 % off  just in time for your holiday parties.
We have been decorating for Christmas and have been collecting holiday gifts that are exclusive, sourced from my travels around the world.  We are really excited to show you the collection and hope you will stop by when you want to give gifts carefully chosen with you in mind.

This is a throwback post from our Thanksgiving a few years ago that I thought may give you a laugh.

A silly Thanksgiving!!

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This was such a silly day.  About a month ago my niece Jordan sent around an email in the family  mentioning her desire to have us all dress as Pilgrims and Indians for Thanksgiving.  No, Jordan is not the 10 year old Indian behind the front  row turkey, she is a 21 year old college student.  Everyone jumped on board in their own way as is typical with the whole group.  

Holidays were a big deal when I was a child.  My mother would go all out with decorations, costumes and meals.  On Halloween she, my Grandfather and Grandmother would put their heads together and create, hammer and sew costumes worthy of a Broadway show for us.  I still remember the costume parties they had.
Our home at Christmastime had theme outdoor decorations and not the store bought kind, tasteful engineering feats dreamed up by my Mother and executed by my Grandfather.  
I don't know how she did it, really  even our  meals were sumptuous banquets.

Each summer when my Grandparents took their cross Atlantic cruise with trunks packed full of spectacular gowns my Grandmother was always proud to report they took first prize at the masquerade ball with her creations.  The desire to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously has made its way through the generations.  A few years ago we started having a progressive Thanksgiving feast where we walk from house to house for each course as my 3 sisters and I all live in the same small town.  The men orchestrate the frying of the bird and make it an event outside with cigars, bourbon or a nice scotch. Sometimes we set up a target outside and everyone takes a turn shooting bows and arrows.

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My eldest son showed up from the city in a turkey costume....he made me so proud!! I always pride myself in not spending a cent...(maybe it shows but it's the spirit that counts)

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My husband (manning the fryer) grabbed a headband but he lost his feather very early.... my brother-in-law Tom was HYSTERICAL as a pilgrim and I took 20 pictures of him because I kept cracking up every time I looked at him.

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My Indian nephews showcasing our crispy bird...

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Hilary made her turkey costume and glued every feather. (my nieces are sooo creative!) My mother said she will wear a red bow at Christmas and carry a bell and go as a Salvation Army volunteer!! LOL!!!

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My Dad always brings the cigars.  That is my son without his turkey costume.
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My sister Danielle with her brood posing.  I thought it was so cute that even though his brother and sister were weapon bearing Indians Nicky wanted to be a "fat turkey"!

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My Pilgrim father....

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My sister Nicole's sangria looked beautiful....

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My sister Denise's daughter Bergen helping herself to a picturesque crudite.

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Jordan with her Dad preparing the filet appetizers...

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Look at the little cutey baby in the headdress and the rear view of Hilary's feather display!

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They were calling my husband a biker, (what WAS he anyway in that shirt??) Here they are carving both  turkeys...

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During Thanksgiving we would like to express our gratitude to all of our faithful customers/friends who have supported us this year and made our work a joy! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will keep making it happen for you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  

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