Monday, January 9, 2012

I am back on track!  
Even though I was at the shop during Christmas week I took a mental break.  Now I'm rejuvenated and focused on getting pictures of all the larger pieces from my buying trip onto the website. I have added some and more to come in a few days. Thank you for all your emails and holiday decoration pictures.  Those of you requesting membership have all been enrolled as honorary members of my family.  We are not exclusive and will welcome you with open arms especially if you help clean the kitchen with us after meals.  You REALLY will solidify your relation if you jump in the lake on the next New Years's Day! (low expectations there though, so don't worry)

The next several pictures are vignettes I have found on the internet from some of my favorite blogs (mentioned below) or   If you haven't heard of Pinterest go to the site and click away for eye candy in every category imaginable...
I have posted the vignette picture, then similar pieces I have available after each one.

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This Ralph Lauren look is always cozy.  I even have the wood panels but they were so heavy I didn't get a picture yet....  The boat I have is so great and the chair, iconic..

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Available -19th Century Boat Model with zinc rudder on later stand
Inv. 171, h-28, w-32, d-6
Sale $245.00

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 Available- French Paris Apartment distressed leather chair
Inv. 752. This chair is GORGEOUS from the front with all the warmth we would expect BUT the back is all torn and needs recovering.  (email me with a request for pictures of the back). SALE.  $845.00

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When I posted this picture last time showing the dining chairs someone contacted me about asking for the Epicerie sign......well I HAVE IT!!  Unfortunately I don't have her contact info but maybe she'll she this, below.....I also have a nice iron light fixture similar to this one (picture not online yet) I found in Belgium just back from the electrician

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Available- 19th Century EPICERIE (Gourmet Market) Sign
Inv. 84A, h 24 w 51

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A customer from Texas acquired a marble top patisserie table
from me to use bedside as in this picture. available below...

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19th Century Marble Top/iron Base Patisserie Table, France
Inv. 1245, h 27.75, w 35.5, d 21.5. $1550.00

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Silver leaf mirrors are more rare than gold leaf and I feel they add nice patina to this bathroom but also to a more modern room.  Clean lined fresh interiors are beautiful but you need to add some patina to create warmth and personality.

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Louis Philippe 19th Century Silver Leaf Mirror
Inv. 3, h 24, w 17

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Larger Louis Philippe 19th Century Silver Leaf Mirror. FRANCE
Inv. 49F, H 34 w 25  $945.00

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Beautiful modern room.  I am in love with round mirrors lately as in the one over the fireplace here AND am thrilled to find a rare old one.  The best part is the gold detail.
Also Picture this room without the zebra print stool.  See how much this POP adds to the room.  I have several benches in original upholstery I can cover with zebra printed cowhide AND the mirror find from France, below....

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19th Century Mirror with Gilt Accent  FRANCE
Inv. 106, 24" diam

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I LOVE the floors but would have used a more modern lamp BUT the table is beautiful like the earlier one I have below I found in France. (I think the one below is MORE beautiful, actually, AND It is in EXCELLENT condition.

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19th Century Walnut Desk. FRANCE
Inv. 82F, H 29 w 31.75 d 23

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I don't know how many of us have a room like this but I couldn't help but appreciate the similarity of the 4 drawer piece in color and purpose to the one I found in France,  below.  It is a counter from a country store in original paint. Would look great in a kitchen or family room or behind the sofa.

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19th Century 4 Drawer Store Counter, France
Inv. 578, H 31.25 w 62.5 d 31.25   $3,800.00

Please EMAIL ME for details on any item or just to share your thoughts. I will be uploading more pictures onto the site soon. Thank you for your business and your support. 
Warmest regards,

P.S. "Currently I have reduced pricing on many pieces at the store including 25% off silver.   

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