Sunday, March 25, 2012

Antique doors and shutters!!!

The building of my home years ago is what started this business for me.  I couldn't find the elements I wanted to "build into" the construction so when my husband suggested we just go over to France and see what we could find I, of course, almost swam there immediately. (rest of the story is in my "about") 

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Using old doors makes any room feel more important...

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These doors are spectacular!!  The forged iron hardware, the arch top and design.....what a focal point adding such unique warmth only an antique can achieve.  What I Love about this room... 

...........the modern sofa contrasting with the rustic table.  This is a beautiful example for those of you concerned about mixing rustic with the clean lines of modern upholstered pieces. 
..........So often my customers seem so interested in "design rules" and the room above shows how even a "too long" cocktail table works.  The table doesn't  adhere to the cocktail table to sofa length glad the homeowner or designer decided to follow their heart's perfect!  
..........The darker window panels are a great choice as the eye rests there and I love  that they are relaxed in style.....
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I have received requests for antique doors to use as headboards, a dramatic example here.  The drapery panels soften the edges and maybe hide the ends if the mattress didn't  line up. I guess they like to read by candlelight!  LOL! 

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A more modern feel with these leather doors as the headboard... 

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Designers always stress over the exposed TV  dilemma...antique shutters to the rescue softening  the hard look of our necessary technology!  Cover it up with these old beauties ....  

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Soft linen bedding and rustic headboard.....grain sack pillows add to the organic look.... 

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Antique shutters here are a wonderful backdrop with nice texture and even act as a wall to hang plants and art.... 

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This vignette has one of a pair of antique pine doors available.  These can either be mounted to use as folding doors or as attractive room dividers. Artwork looks great with these as a backdrop. H 92 1/2 of each pair measures 46 1/2 when open flat. $925.00 pair  

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This is showing up all over....the barn door hardware with antique shutters or doors used as sliders.  It saves room and would be kind of  fun to demonstrate with a room full of people, don't you think.   We even have available the kilim ottoman/ table in  the picture available below if you would like to recreate the look. 

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Vintage kilim covered  ottoman/ cocktail table on casters from France h 17 w 53 d 31  price $1,950.00 

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19th century greenish aqua painted doors with terrific iron hardware on both sides. FRANCE h 84   Each w 23 inches             Price $1400.00 pair 

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18th century door from BELGIUM h 68 w 31. $795.00 

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SUNDAY NIGHT SALE!!  This beautiful vintage  terracotta planter (h 4 1/2 diam 6") which could be a wonderful container for an orchid or a nice "catch all" piece is up for special sale...originally priced $58.00, on sale for $22.00 to the first person who EMAILS ME.... Buyer pays shipping. 
Good luck!  

On a side note I was in Manhattan last weekend to see the revival of Evita on Broadway.  (it was fantastic, the music so moving, a great escape) We stayed over at the TriBeCa Grand Hotel....huge room, lively night scene but otherwise modern okay as you know I love nice furnishings in a hotel.  ANYWAY, as if I am a newbie traveler,  I first forgot my small handbag so was out on the town with my big satchel, (ugh!) THEN when I was getting ready for bed noticed I had forgotten my toothbrush THEN the most horrible thing ever to happen to a gal like me......... getting dressed to meet my son on Sunday morning....NO MAKEUP BAG!!!!! Every girl's nightmare. We were in a rush to see him cross the finish line in his race so I spent the entire gorgeous day schnooking around Soho in the raw.  Just thought I would share for those of you under the impression I have it altogether. Don't forget to email me with any questions......a sale is running right now in our big store window.  Hope to hear from you..... 

Warmest regards,

P.S. please visit one of my favorite blogs Velvet and Linen to view more antique architectural elements.  Brooke is now building her dream house, Patina Farm, and is using beautiful antique pieces throughout.   

And FINALLY you MUST see the latest Cote de Texas blog letter.  Joni says exactly what I'm thinking and is brave enough to just tell it like it is.  Sign up to receive her updates full of valuable help, gorgeous pictures and ALWAYS entertaining. 
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  1. Who would have thought that old doors and shutters can still be used to beautify a home? Well, with the use of little imagination and creativity, everything is possible. I like how the old wooden doors are used as headboards. They give the beds a very interesting look and design. It is like a matching softness of the linens and the rough texture of the wood.

    -Keven Sumrell

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  3. Having an antique item in the house makes me realize about its historical significance and exquisiteness. Just like your door, it gives the house an internal energy. Anyway, thanks for sharing such magnificent photo shoots. They are all remarkable!
    - Otis Kunkle