Saturday, March 3, 2012



The Oscar night champagne bucket is on its way to Seattle AND the majority of you LOVE to get dressed up for a night out.....LET'S HAVE A PARTY!!!  We can pretend we're award winning movie producers....

I wasn't going to email until after my vacation BUT I want you to stop over to my blogworld friend, Tina of  THE ENCHANTED HOME. Tina is hosting a giveaway of mine.  Just click on the picture and visit her beautiful blog.  She just moved in to the most magnificent home she designed and labored over every detail..(SO DID WE!!). Go to her archives and just pour over the architecture and finishes she chose.  Sign up now as she makes her fabric, wallpaper and paint choices.  She provides the names of everything for you and you will benefit greatly from her information.  Her bathrooms and kitchen are breathtaking.  My favorites are her husband's bathroom marble and the paneling on her back stair.  Her fireplaces inside and out are jaw dropping....BUT she is also sweet which is the most important resource she has!

Enchanted Home

Thank you Tina for sharing your readers with me.  Xoxo

Warmest regards,

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