Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dreamy Whites Giveaway!!

One of the reasons I love selling antiques and home furnishings is I have so many styles I go crazy over and love to hunt for. I can't imagine what my home would look like if I wasn't able to sell the great pieces I find but that don't compliment my decor.... a crazy woman's menagerie or a hoarder, I guess.
I love a fine example of Italian modern or 18th century French but I also love primitives and a clean lined English antique.   Classical art appeals to me but so does modern abstract and folk art.  I am all over the place with what makes me say "Oh my God, look at that, love it!!"
  I want to introduce you to a favorite blog of mine called Dreamy Whites by northern California resident Maria Carr.

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Maria lives on a horse ranch in Northern California with her husband and 5 children.  Reading Maria's  blog responds to the country girl/ French farmhouse fantasy I have.  Whenever I see a Dreamy Whites blogpost in my mailbox I look forward to the "escape".  

Maria says "I honestly just started a blog to share with others that you don't have to live in a mansion or own your  home to create a home you love, and you can live with white even if you have a large family and live on a ranch with kids that love to swim in the muddy ponds : ) You don't have to live in an old french farmhouse in the south of France to live in a home that has a french farmhouse feel, we live in a newly built modular home (we do not own this home, although I wish we did : ) and have tried to add a little french farmhouse charm throughout the years...."

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Her photos are breathtaking and I love her chic country style and story......lots of nature, family, food and beautiful indoor and outdoor design. You will enjoy a visit to her blog ...don't forget to see her sister's wedding photos and hear the story of how they put this beautiful event together on a shoestring.

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This is Maria's bedroom.  Love the contrast of the French crystal beaded chandelier (I'll have one just like this posted as soon as it gets back from the electrician) with the rustic doors and linens.

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This is her outdoor dining area with the plants she put in herself. Maria also chronicles her travels to shows and provides "how to" information on her beautiful and creative design projects.

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Her husband is a horse trainer and you will enjoy her photography and her refreshing point of view. 

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Keeping with the theme, a new arrival at my shop are these beautiful LARGE horse photographs, custom framed.  They measure 40 1/2 inches square and are priced $945.00 each.

You can visit The Dreamy Whites blog HERE and I promise you will be taken away.  I know you will sign up for her updates but now you can enter her VERY generous giveaway drawing, once you stop by her blog You have until August 25th.  

I would love to hear what you think when you visit, so let me know on my blog HERE.

To see new arrivals to the website go HERE

Talk to you soon...I'm NOT letting go of summer yet!

We are closed Sundays and Mondays in August.

Happy Summer Days!!

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  1. First, I love your blog and your store!! You have and exciting mix of items and it is fun to look at everything.

    Second, I love the Dreamy White blog. Very clean and inspiring. Thanks for sharing a great one!

  2. Veni, vidi, vici! OMG, what a lovely blog. I loved this delicious side trip!

  3. Hi Bonny, Thanks for the introduction to Dreamy Whites. You are right, signing up for her updates is a must! I love that crystal chandelier. Do you know the measurements of the one you have coming back from your electrician?