Saturday, August 11, 2012


 Some people just love looking at maps.  Whenever we are off in a new direction my sister and my nephew are the ones who must have the map.  I am a GPS gal myself as I have been known to turn a map upside down to figure out which turn to make (worst sense of direction on the planet).  Map lovers can look at maps for hours whether they are charting a course or just passing the time.

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I know Restoration Hardware and other stores sell reproduction antique maps but an original antique map is a wonderful piece of art and a rich treasure.

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If the location has meaning to you its presence in a room holds more significance and becomes a wonderful conversation piece.

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I love this beach house room with the addition of the local maps.

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From Elle Decor these 2 maps look like Long Island and may show the changes in the area over the years.

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This wall grouping most certainly is the home of a map enthusiast. What an interesting focal point in this room and a great spot to linger.

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These framed maps can be removed from their display shelves for a closer look....

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From House Beautiful the blue walls really make these maps pop.  Notice how low the bottom map is it!

And now offered are some specially priced one of a kind maps
and pieces...
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1. Vintage map of Paris  with raised seal.
Originally priced $725.00 on sale for $495.00.
H 27 w 39

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2.   Rare dated 19th century Nantucket map originally $950.00 on sale for $725.00
H 22 w 23 1/4.     

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3. Very rare dated 1882 street map of Nantucket
Originally priced $695.00 on sale for $495.00
H 17 1/4 w 13

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4. Original 19th century Nantucket map, beautiful shoals depicted in blue.
Originally priced $745.00 on sale for $575.00

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5. Large original circa 1947 coast guard map depicting the United States northeast coast. Noted landmarks include Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Amagansett, and Block Island, among others. Beautiful yellow and blue colors and a small course is charted, top right.
Originally priced at $1400.00, on sale for $1200.00.  Please note this map would usually sell for much more in the United States but I uncovered this beauty in France which is why it is so well priced.

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6.  Vintage dated 1958 original photo of Loveladies NJ, popular vacation spot on Long Beach Island.
Originally $545.00 on sale for $325.00
H 15.25 w 17

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7. Dated 1956 map of East Hampton, Long Island noting all primary roads and secondary roads and beaches named from Wainscott to Amagansett, This map has beautiful colors, originally priced $1400.00 on sale for $1050.00
H 33 w 28. 1/2

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8.  This iconic sailfish came from the famous Crystal Room Restaurant in East Hampton, affectionately called "Clam Pies" because of their famous sign and highly kept secret clam pie recipe. . Opened in 1959,  this thriving and swanky restaurant in its day,  was purchased by restauranteurs as a banquet hall because "the land is cheap and we can raise our chickens and turkeys".  Boy things certainly have changed on the east end since 1959. Many east end weddings and events took place on site and a favorite photo spot was the extensive gardens with the chickens, I guess!
Originally priced $825.00 on sale for $495.00.
H 40 w 82 d 5 1/2

9. Also on sale is the Kooi settee covered in textured upholstery and wrapped in rich chocolate brown linen. Its sleek cutaway arms allow for easy entry when used at a dining table and handsome form makes it stand alone in your seating arrangement or entry hall. Original retail is $2436.00 and on sale for more than 50% off at $1100.00

Please EMAIL ME for information on these or any items on the WEBSITE. I would like to thank Joni,  from Cote de Texas blog , for featuring my giveaway on her site and thank you to all who took the time and left such wonderful comments.  I was floored by the response and wish I could have sent each of you a beautiful tray. The lucky winner of the antique tray was B.J. Malgari from Ipswich Massachusetts.

 Welcome to all my new followers and just an update for you.  I send out a blog letter, sign up HERE, which you are welcome to comment on and create a dialogue amongst the readers.  I only send a mailing (about 3 a month) when there are new items posted to my website  for you to see.

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I also have a line of quality ready made window panels, Dash and Albert rugs and upholstered furniture (Vanguard discounted 25% to you). You can click on the links top left on this page and also on my website HERE.

Thank you Credit for photos above to
Elle Decor
House Beautiful
Lindsay Dettartchuck
Angela Duh
Terra Glenn
Anne Heppenstall
Riani Nassation

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Happy Summer Days!!

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  1. Bonnie I love maps! The one placed on the dark blue wall really makes a statement. Also the beach house image with maps!

    I wish I could purchase the wonderful settee; adore it!!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  2. Hi Karena,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog last week...the settee is great but it hasn't sold...let me know if I could make it happen for you! Talk to you soon.

    1. This is very interesting post..and nice review about this article..this is looking awesome..You doing great job..thanks for sharing here.Antique map