Friday, September 21, 2012

New arrivals and THE CURIOUS CHAIR!


    A few of us at the shop have a chair obsession.  Where women oooh and aaah over jewelry we go gaga for a great chair. (let me own up to the fact that I also oooh and aaah over nice jewelry)  I digress.....Who can forget that caramel leather corner chair with the light greyish paint I brought back from France?  It was at the shop for 5 minutes and found a home with one of our dearest customers.  (I love when that happens)  It's also fun when a customer will reveal that they, too have the chair crazies. You should see us as we stand admiring the chair as if it's an adorable baby, so silly.

My latest fetish are single antique chairs really not for heavy use....they act as sculptures against a wall or pulled up to a vanity. Just as you would place an object of art ON your console table these wonderful, unique, curious chairs are art placed NEXT  to the console.  Some of them are quirky enough to be conversation pieces.

When I saw this picture of Axel Vervoordt's warehouse I fell in love with these old carved Swedish chairs and also felt he probably has been collecting them for years as they are hard to find.  Check out the one I have available, below.

Available......19th century Oak Hall Chair. SWEDEN.
H 39 w 14.25 d 16.  Price  $795.00

These fun carved chairs were sold right away at the East Hampton antique show.

Available......19th century Savonarola Chair from Italy with original hand tooled leather seat and large nailheads. Make sure you notice the figures carved at the top.
H 36 w 29 d 21.5.  Price $845.00

I forget who posted this picture but it was probably one of the blogs I follow listed to the left.  The quatrefoil chairs flanking the fireplace look wonderful.  Their shape adds such interest.

Available are these vintage fan back chairs, look at the little circle pillows, adorable!  (use your imagination with the dated upholstery) Covered in the right fabric they would add style
AND whimsy to any room.
Vintage Fruitwood Fan Back Chairs.
H 42 w 24 d 22.     Price $595.00 the pair

I had to include the ultra feminine Louis XV boudoir chair.

Available......This gilded chair photographed darker than it really is but stacked with fresh towels in the bath or with a throw and books in the boudoir spells romance and sweet dreams. It is newly covered in 19th century homespun linen.
Antique Louis XV gilded and caned chair FRANCE.
H  36 w 17 d 17.  Price $525.00

The spool chair has been hot for awhile so much so all the new furniture companies are carrying them now. A wonderful antique accent when you can get the real thing.  Popular clean lines au courant but added interest with the spool style.

Available......19th century walnut spool chair newly covered
in homespun linen.  FRANCE.
H 37 w 18.5 d 18.5.  Price.  $595.00

Available......I just LOVE this little guy, talk about adding whimsy!  It  reminds me of ET or a skinny bald man which is JUST the image you want, right? It has many great details....the raised panel oval head,  fluted neck and legs .....see it IS a little person.  My most curious chair , newly covered in 19th century homespun linen with the tape and upholstery tacks. This one is sturdy enough to go in a kids room for those of you who wisely incorporate antiques in your children's rooms.
Vintage walnut chair. H 38 w 14 d 14.    $695.00

Please let me know if you have any questions....enjoy the newly posted pieces HERE and we are still unpacking.  I haven't been able to get far enough away from the bigger pieces (jam packed) to photograph them but I will next letter.  New art is at the framer and lots more mirrors and interesting architecturals. and objects posted soon.

Warmest regards,

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