Thursday, September 27, 2012

New arrivals and THE FRENCH LANTERN!!

While we are still unpacking and trying to get the bigger pieces photographed  I thought you would like to get a glimpse of how things are getting organized...

The white capitals will go off to the painter/artist to get their tops finished to look great as accent tables.....always love the European breadboards.

Moose antlers, zinc, a light primitive bench and a GREAT set of  dining chairs...

Some of the smaller mirrors are stacking up...silver leaf, white, gold leaf, round bullseye and some not opened yet and the BIG ones not pictured here....

A handsome group...the yellow can of pledge shows how LARGE the first 2 are.....

Sconces and framed art piling up......

Beautiful antique silver leaf frames.....

And below starts a question I have for you and would LOVE to hear your opinions.  Would REALLY love for you guys to sign up in blog form HERE to hear your comments but anyway you want to respond is ok.  You remember I bought this gorgeous antique French zinc lantern this summer.

Well my wonderful husband was "freelancing" again and while I was out on Sunday he hung it outside our front door.  I know I should be happy as he even  added the aged brass chains so it doesn't blow around in the next tornado.  Trouble is, I think I would rather have it angled with the zinc edge to the front instead of  glass centered above.

The view would kind of look like this, above, if it were angled.

So what do you think?  Should it hang like this above

Like this above.  I Would LOVE to hear what you think.  Let's say do you like it squared or on the diagonal.....can't wait to hear the consensus! I know what my husband wants to hear from you....

And a final note, while you enjoy the new additions to the website HERE know there is still more coming soon.  Please EMAIL me with any questions.

Look who I practically bumped into on the last 1/2 mile uphill of my run. I wish someone had clocked me as I'm sure it was a personal best!  I LOVE nature, don't you?

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  1. Hi Bonny, He hung it the right way. I don't think it would look right if it was hung with a corner facing the entry. You have a lot of beautiful new things! I might need a moose antler.
    All best,

  2. I agree with your husband's looks great!

    1. thanks for responding Lisa...I know fundamentally it's correct but I want to see more of the zinc so, after receiving emails, etc. he is gladly? going to change it. thanks for taking the time to respond.

  3. Sorry, I think it is currently hung correctly!

  4. What wonderful new items. I bet it is so exciting getting everything out.

    As for the lantern. It is outstanding and looks so nice with your very beautiful home. I see why you would want to turn it on the diagonal. You can see more of the zinc rather than so much of the glass. Even so, I think your husband did a great job and it seems to be perfect. It really compliments your stone and wood. A perfect choice.

    As for the bears, there is no doubt I would have had my best time EVER if I had seen them too! They look so cute, but bears will be bears!

    1. thanks for responding, i think he will turn it as I want to see more zinc...

  5. Wonderful things as always.....those bears are beautiful!