Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Great Shipment!

I hope this email finds you "electrified"!  If you are from New Jersey, Connecticut or New York you know just what I mean.  After Hurricane Sandy swept through the lucky residents of these towns, including mine,  just had to deal with the inconvenience of "no power". So many haven't even been able to get to their shore properties to see what's left of their places.  You are in our thoughts during the aftermath of this disaster, I can't even imagine the frustration and sadness.
During the disruption I have enjoyed the blogs I follow as a break from the darkness so I will post hoping it allows you a break, too.

A few weeks back my husband and I took off to Montreal to explore the antiques scene in Canada.  Old Montreal is a beautiful section of streets, shops and restaurants still maintaining the original buildings, cobblestone streets and charm of days gone by.

Barroco was both a delicious and beautiful restaurant steps from our hotel on Rue St. Paul

The Basilica of Notre Dame was breathtaking...I now love the quiet of Church.

I lit a candle as I had done so many times growing up.   It's funny when you are young we feel many religious rituals are unimpressive but when you perform these in adulthood they bring such comfort and peace.

We stayed at Hotel Nelligan, a 105 room boutique hotel. I chose this moderately priced luxury hotel for its location and comments and photos I found on tripadvisor. It was a wonderful place with old brick walls throughout the newly renovated old building.

We enjoyed cocktails in the lobby open to the bar and nearby restaurant.

All the comforts necessary ....

An ordinary bathroom but the rustic brick wall added warmth! A lesson we can take to our own interiors....old wood and stone make new interiors look important and full of feeling!

A public garden with an entire wall of vines in brilliant autumnal color!

The Musee de beaux-arts was open late so we squeezed in a visit. FULL of spectacular examples of  important art including breathtaking impressionist and classical art......so moving and inspiring.

I am not a fan of Picasso and would love to hear your thoughts on his work....

I would much rather sit with a portrait by Modigliani. I am always enthralled by his colors.

Even this abstract portrait by Karel Appel is more understandable than a Picasso to me.  What do you think?

There are many French antiques in Montreal....

This old hotel near the water on Rue Bonsecours had a temporary hand written sign advertising their antiques sale....

Love the rubble walls, old doors and hardware...

Just like an old European hotel with the rich fabrics, tapestries and giltwood...

Love the dining room and old taxidermy...

We enjoyed our stay in Montreal ( a first for me).  The restaurants were wonderful and we especially enjoyed our dinner at Chez L'Epicier.  Wonderful selections and atmosphere.

The new container arrives in NJ on November 22 (supposedly). I am so excited about the treasures in this one. Awesome stuff just in time to make your homes look spectacular for the holidays....LOTS of art, too! I have posted some pictures on the website HERE! It is a fraction of what's coming as I happened to click some photos of some items that were uncovered.  I will not have measurements until after we unpack and will get that info on the site toot sweet!

I also want to take the time to thank our military heroes on this Veteran's Day, I so appreciate and honor you for your selfless service to our country. Thank you, thank you!

P.S. Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!

BEST WAY TO REACH ME IS BY EMAIL HERE! I would love to explain where I think the items on my website would look great ...email me with any questions.

Warmest regards,
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