Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Ironstone Thanksgiving! And new arrivals!!

Simple ironstone.....
I have always been drawn to the simplicity of ironstone and Thanksgiving seems to be a great time for its feature.  The story and history it possesses increases its appeal for many of us.  Stoneware, first made in the 18th century in England and patented by Staffordshire in the early 19th century is dense, hard semi porcelain china.

During the 1840's ironstone was widely exported as England found  "the colonies", as they continued to call us,  preferred the unfussy plain and durable china.  The appeal is currently the same.
Everything DOES come full circle, right?  I love this beautiful Thanksgiving table and cupboard full of  pure ironstone.

19th century farmhouse communities LOVED the durability of ironstone pieces to feed their families and also the many workers found around their tables during harvest time.  Plates, platters and soup tureens soon became embossed with wheat sheafs, prairie flowers and corn to appeal to farmers.
LOVE the wheat sheafs and the pop of green the apples bring to this dining room...

This cupboard, above, has a modern feel with its painted light green  interior and separated placement of the ironstone pieces...

Ironstone looks great with silver and adds freshness when placed with primitive woods.

LOVE this armoire full of ironstone and I can't help but be attracted to this old floor...

The contrast of old with the modern shade and crisp whites on the walls and doors is a current look. Ironstone pitchers have always been a favorite vase....
(ironstone, breadboards and cutting boards available)

To answer many of you, we are NOT dressing up for Thanksgiving this year  (thank goodness, I'm swamped!) but the day will unfold with lots of fun and unique times, as usual. To see last years pictures click HERE.

We will be having our "moveable feast " as we walk from house to house as each sister hosts a different course.  This is wonderful as we only have to prepare a portion of the meal but NOT wonderful as we then tend to overdue each course.  My sister made 3 soups one year...( oh dear!) During the hurricane when only one of us had power and we were dining together, every night turned into a feast.  We just kept saying "take a picture and let's call this Thanksgiving!" SNORT!!

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and truly am thankful for your continued support.  :)

Warmest regards,

P.S. We will be open Sundays in December from noon -5pm. My container arrives this week and I will be updating the site regularly HERE.

P.P.S. an exciting giveaway is coming with a great store nearby so stay tuned...

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  1. Absolutely beautiful images. I love a different spin on the traditional orange pumpkin look..and the ironstone blends so beautifully with the heirloom pumpkins!

  2. I am an ironstone fan. Just can't get enough of it.