Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grab your fascinator!!

Are you mad for Downtown Abbey me ladies and gents ??
(British accent)

 We are totally swept up in the craze and reveling in all things
 "to the manor born".  In fact our new shop window is in total tribute of Downtown Abbey.

All things opulent are on display in our version of  decadent decor.

Gilt framed sketches and etchings, globes, maps and antique leather books ....tufting, silk panels and carved furniture....

Lord Grantham himself would feel at home.

Giltwood tassle and crystal sconces.....

This carved baroque ottoman looks perfect with the aristocracy but would also create a spectacular contrast in your modern home.

Everything is currently on sale as well not to be excluded from our storewide event!

This beautiful 19th century walnut server would currently look wonderful in your master bathroom with towels and silver tray on top or as always in the dining room.

Antique 6x6 hand knot oriental carpet $595.00

Genuine antique turtle shells....

A little chinoiserie must be included as well as giltwood finials

Boxes, jars, alabaster and marble.  The giltwood lamp is a favorite.

When Shirley MacLaine made her first appearance last Sunday  I swooned over her outfit with sumptuous fabric and, of course, mink trim.  The costumes are truly outstanding and we all wander beyond the characters to take in all the interiors. 

Couldn't you just see my lady traveling with these wooden hat boxes? Isn't it such a kick thinking of their lifestyle?  Available are 3 wooden hat boxes. The one on top here has the Hotel Savoy sticker from Rome.  Another with the leather still intact is stamped Waterloo Station and Kings Cross.  You would need 2 footman for the way they traveled.

A new party theme has emerged across the US and attendees are enjoying their lord and lady titles with tea parties and gala events.  Some require all speak with British accents....sounds fun!

At the shop we are serving tea and biscuits, come join us around
 2 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  (we know its early but most ladies have to relieve their nannies come 3 o'clock. (royal snort!)

Mirrored 19th century doors reflect gilt metal clock hands on museum stand.

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Our first ever storewide sale continues with 98% of the shop reduced through January.  I even have been bringing new things in during the sale to be included.  Email me for any info.  

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