Saturday, May 4, 2013

SALE ITEMS , Get The Look and Spring Day Trip!



I love Ellen, don't you?  It turns out she has a talent and passion for decorating.  Her home in the mountains of Santa Monica, California has quite a few familiar pieces available on the website HERE.  I was delighted to see the cover of this month's ELLE DECOR featuring almost the identical antique cabinet on the right in the picture as I have available, below.   

Available - 19th century General Store Cabinet, multi drawer with small knobs.  An awesome piece at the shop right now!
H 37 w 43 d 18 price- $1,950.00  

Last weekend we took a ride to Lambertville which is a great town nestled on the Delaware River in New Jersey.  Quaint tree lined streets, Federal homes and Victorian houses from the 1800's are the perfect setting on a spring day.   

It was The Shad Fest, a fun event celebrated in Lambertville for the last 32 years.  The shad fish spends most of its life at sea but in the spring returns to the rivers to spawn.  The shad put up such a terrific fight it is a favorite catch of fisherman. I saw no anglers Sunday and believe there is a current ban on shad fishing due to their diminishing numbers but the FESTIVAL CONTINUES!  We all love a good party, don't we?  



 Federal homes line the streets....  

 Historic homes and public buildings now house bed and breakfast inns, restaurants, creative art galleries and shops.   

 The canal path is a favorite of bikers or just for a stroll.

 Good bands were featured....  

With a flourishing art community, the shops are definitely worth visiting..LOVE this beautiful sign..  

Old mills have been converted to stores.  The brick building above was a former bakery.

We had a delicious lunch outside at Hamilton's Grill Room on Coryell Street.  

Inside they had an impressive mirror mounted on the ceiling.  

Vendors line the street and we bolted to grab a delectable treat.....  

A closer look revealed they were DOG TREATS!!!! That's right homemade  dog treats. Faux cinnamon buns, s'mores, burgers, mini pizzas, cupcakes....we were drooling AND laughing!!
(Me and My Dog Pet Bakery)  

  Someone took their Rolls Royce out for the day.

We sported my husband's favorite pastime, White Lightning.   A 1955 Chevy pickup. He's been on his back all winter underneath his toy getting it ready for spring!  Looking cute wearing the vintage straw boater hat I got him when he's behind the wheel.  He doesn't however use the corn cob pipe!
 I always have to have antiques at the destination of a day trip and Lambertville doesn't disappoint.  Let me know if you go.

Checkout SALE items on the site HERE.  Hope to see you at the shop....our new window display and additions to the shop are worth the trip.  

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  1. Bonny, we live in TX but have visited and shopped in Lambertville several times. Several pieces in our home were purchased in Lambertville, but it was many years ago now. Thanks for the tour. Always fun!

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