Monday, April 29, 2013

WEBSITE UPDATED and shop photos of GREAT ART!!

Well look who strolled past the other night!! No, not at the shop in Summit but NYC.  A couple of days ago I was lucky enough to attend the preview of Bette Midler's one woman show "I'll Eat You Last". I really liked it!  Typical Bette character playing brash, chain smoking Hollywood agent Sue Mengers.  Known for her blunt demeanor and chic pot parties where BIG deals were made Sue, (Bette) let us in on some Hollywood secrets while exposing us to what goes into becoming an agent and staying at the top. I found it both enlightening and funny but not for everyone (my sister was nodding off).  
When we were outside Sarah Jessica Parker strolled by with Andy Cohen.  She was very sweet with the over enthusiastic crowd but I couldn't help but think what my father would say if he had seen her ..."she looks like she needs a plate of macaroni!"   SOOOO skinny in person but adorable!

The store is FULL of GREAT original art as we get ready for girls night.....LOVE these portraits, above. ...I included a few shop photos for you to get a peak.  Please EMAIL ME with questions.

Spectacular oil on canvas, artist signed AND framed.
H 37 w 26 1/2

These 18th century drawings, above, have been framed in France.  First the drawing is raised in a small frame, placed on a grey linen mat then framed again in a thin antique frame, then silver leaf and finished with a wonderful 19th century giltwood frame...very special.  The picture doesn't do them justice. On website for a larger look HERE.

19th century oil on canvas, decorated British General with plumes
Giltwood frame
Inv. 281, H 26 w 21

4 impressionist pieces at the shop from popular artist Linda Macdonald. Pictures on website HERE.

Vintage oil on canvas Cubist still life signed Ralph Della Volpe dated 1950. H 37 1/2 w 25 $845.00
The painting to the left is an oil on board by a Belgian artist  ....GOOD art!!    I have about 12 different ones and framed they are $825.00, unframed $625.00

LOVE HER!  Beautiful vintage oil on canvas, signed h 39 x 30, $950.00

Original on board still life study of tulips 36x 24 , $465.00.  Hard to see below the tulips are 2 19th century drawings of horses I found in France and framed.

The pears are on board 33 x 14 1/2, $425.00

Another impressionist landscape on top of the mirror by Linda MacDonald, $595.00 and the red poppy  vintage painting, below it $545.00. The 19th century classical drawings in conte are from France and displayed in vintage gold frames $ $395.00 ea.
Just in and sold 3 already are the large cast white leaves $175.00 ea. I met an artist who uses beautiful rice paper leaves to cast this terrific wall art.  Great color and texture.

LOVE the portrait! The pretty orchids, top right, are on board $285.00. Pictured on website HERE.

40 x 32 $1,100.00

Don't forget to stop by the shop this Thursday night for a glass of  Prosecco and nibbles as you cruise the town.  At Trouvaille, get  informed on how to make better choices with your skincare. We are hosting former Summit resident, Antonia Di Paolo, as she shares with us the benefits of this organic line of skincare.  BeautyCounter is committed to higher standards in the formulas used in this special line. In addition to samples, Antonia has generously donated a basket full of  products worth $300.00 to be raffled off that night!   Hope to see you, the whole town gets involved!!

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Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
12 Beechwood Road  Summit, NJ
 Monday-Saturday 10-5:30

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  1. Wow the night out sounds like fun, wish it was in my neighborhood..lots of wonderful goodies!