Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Website updated and Timeless Blossfeldt Prints!!

A different view of botanical prints......

When admiring pieces with customers I always speak of how nature provides the most beautiful artistry. Natural form and patina can be seen as magical.
I love sharing with my Grandaughter green mosses, beautiful branches and sparkly rocks.  The observations are endless AND changing, making the same path around my home a source of interest over and over for us. My mother ALWAYS pointed out the smallest details of things creating a lifelong appreciation of the subtlety in beautiful things.

German born Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) is known for his spectacular photographic studies of plants. It is easy to detect his background started in industrial arts as his versions of plants seem architectural . He spent 3 decades photographing plants seeing them as "artistic and architectural".  I am so excited to have just brought back from the framer 15 of his vintage prints they are so current and also timeless.

I chose a burnished silver for the frames that I think Karl would have loved.
h 17 w 13 $265.00 ea.

He almost always used light from a northern window making it diffuse and creating a volume to the specimen.  Magnificent shading and lighting creates such drama in his photos as in the bud, above. Look at the dark shadowing on the left intriguing!

Blossfeldt was not a botanist but an artist and sometimes dissected specimens with a scalpel so radically their species are unidentifiable.

Fiddle heads always look prehistoric to me and I am fascinated by their unfolding each year. Blossfeldt held a passion for the architectural elegance of plants.

He never received any formal training in photography yet his depictions of pods, buds, twigs and tendrils are a masterful example of the natural designs of nature.

Shadowy blossoms....

Whimsical tendrils....

The fern frond...

Either displayed in a series or alone a botanical print by Karl Blossfeldt will captivate you for years.

On another note I AM OFF TO ROUND TOP TEXAS!! I have always wanted to attend this 26 mile antique show and I am grabbing my stylish crocs, (snort!) and taking off!! Who knows what I'll find....I have several friends importing antiques just for the show so let me know what's on your wish list.  INSTAGRAM has been the very best way to see the latest and pieces are selling right from Instagram before I can get them on the website.   FOLLOW ME!! I'll be posting finds and travel pics each day.  Don't hesitate to email me if you "have to have " anything you see.


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  1. I had some of those prints at my old LP home years ago, love them they are botanical yet modern at the same time!