Saturday, March 1, 2014

Get in on it early and save

After unloading the container from my most recent trip I have unwrapped some great antique chairs.  I wanted to let you know how I go about posting them, most, in their VERY outdated fabric.  I leave them on the website for awhile until I need them at the shop.  Then they go off to be recovered and the price goes up.  Most times designers buy them off of the website for their clients and add the fabric.

Faithful website clients LOVE the chairs with NEW fabric at the store, and are shocked when I tell them they have been on my website for weeks at a lower price. Be a careful website peruser because ALWAYS they are priced much less before fabric and upholstery labor has been added.

Very often an old fabric can make you turn away from a great chair find. 

When I choose the fabric it is almost always a neutral and it adds a good price to the chairs.  You can be in on the fabric choice early thereby scoring a great deal and ending up with as wild a fabric that suits your needs like the chairs, above and I will be happy to send it off to my upholsterer.

Antique chairs add a warmth and importance.....there is no reproduction that can copy real antique wood.

I have a set of dining chairs like these available and also beautiful neutral fabrics to choose from.

I will gladly help you with fabric choices.

Below are several chairs from FRANCE, available and with a "before recovering"  price.

19th century slipper chairs. $ 945.00 pair

Antique bergere ...Look past the fabric (I know it's hard, HA!)

Antique Chairs, Original Paint FRANCE
Inv. 455, H 38 w 21.25 w 17.5
$895.00 set of 4

Vintage fauteil chairs
Inv. 511, H 36 w 24 d 19 sh 17
$550.00 pr.
Sale $395.00

Antique French Walnut Dining Chairs
Inv. 256, H 45 w 18.5 d 20
$2,700.00 set of 6
Sale $1,975.00 Set

Antique Walnut Bergere Chair
Inv. 524, H 38 w25 1/2 d 22

Vintage Fruitwood Fan Chairs
Recovering suggested
Inv. 61, H 43 w 23 d 22
$595.00 pair
Sale $350.00 pair.
I could have these painted black gloss.

Antique Louis XVI Walnut Fauteil Chair FRANCE
Needs recovering
Inv. 526, H 39 w 22 d 20.5

18th Century Walnut Bergere

19th Century Walnut Hall Chairs
Inv. 528, H 36 w 23.5 d 21
$1,895.00 pair

Let me know if you have any questions and if I can help with fabric choices. EMAIL ME.  Instagram followers are enjoying first look at everything brought into the shop.  It's EASY!  Just download the Instagram app and click follow Bonny Neiman.  Everytime you check your Instagram you will see new photos.  It's like being at the shop!
Hope to see you store window display next week.

Warmest regards,

Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items
EMAIL ME with any questions.

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  1. Gorgeous items both here and on your online site!
    Thanks so much for inviting me over to see all of your treasures.
    Nice to cyber meet you!
    Alison :)