Friday, November 21, 2014

Jockey Hollow BK, a special place!!

Recently I was asked to attend the opening of the highly anticipated new restaurant,  Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen in Morristown New Jersey. This historic Morristown landmark, known as The Vail Mansion, has been the site of many events over the years.  I attended a show house years ago and was excited to, once again, see the beautiful architecture transformed by visionary restauranteur, Chris Cannon.

The Vail Mansion, built in 1917, is the former home of Theodore Vail, first president of AT&T. After developers meticulously restored the property Chris Cannon recognized its potential as an iconic restaurant space.

Mr. Cannon proudly greeted guests in front of the mansion's bronze double doors.  Chris was a principal in the acclaimed Manhattan restaurants Palio; Remio; Alto and the James Beard Award winner, Marea among others.

Chris Cannon pictured on the right....THOSE DOORS!

The Newark Firefighters Pipe Band proudly showed off their antique fire engine.

I couldn't resist a photo with men in funny hats and plaid skirts!

Everyone dressed for the event!

The stately marble 2 story lobby is spectacular with its ornate bronze curved railing.

Chris clowned around for us with one of the several impressive 3 dimensional commissioned art pieces. We always suggest a touch of whimsy and fun in every room and this astronaut sculpture accomplishes this in a big way!

Such a wise decision to choose modern art in this venue.  With its historic architecture classical art would create a pretentious atmosphere.  The modern art adds an important edginess.

Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen with its modern American and Italian inspired cuisine is a four-part concept;  Oyster and Wine Bar, The Vail Bar, The Rathskeller and The Dining Room.

Original limestone fireplaces grace the intimate rooms of The Dining Room, upstairs

The architecture is breathtaking.

The Vail Bar with its clubby atmosphere was packed!

The Oyster & Wine Bar bustled with the gracious servers attending to the many guests ... (loving the modern panels)

The interior view of the bronze doors is a wonderful backdrop!

Oysters a plenty!! from Mantoloking's Forty North Oyster Farm, the state's only oyster farm along the Atlantic coast. Mendham based Ralston Farm provides the Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen with the freshest ingredients and the details are worth further reading.

The charcuterie was cut paper thin with the antique slicer.....they were thrilled it arrived just in time!!! An antique adds such importance!! (HA!! I couldn't resist the antiques plug!!)

The Newark Firefighters Pipe Band performed after the opening presentation!  LOVED the pageantry!!
Click here for video

Well, OKAY! the highlight for us was when we spotted guest chef Alfred Portale , the James Beard award winning chef and restauranteur from Manhattan's Gotham Bar and Grill. His staff bustled behind him in the kitchen exposed to the soaring lobby.  He studied the crowd, no one recognized him, and then Nan (of course she recognized him) called out "Alfred, give us a smile, and he proudly beamed!!

I guess I should have made my holiday reservation before I sent out this blast but DO let me know if you visit.  For more info The Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen.  

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing this new hot spot, I sat next to Chris at a dinner party a year ago and hear all about the details he the was putting in example the Astronaut wall sculpture! Looks like a fun time! xo Kar