Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Let the season begin! Thanksgiving roundup!

I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving, with the 4 inches of snow we had it really looked like the holidays have started.  I still love every minute of the season and couldn't wait to hit the holiday music button on Pandora. (yes I'm one of those)

My family Thanksgiving was another gastronomic feast with all members contributing to orchestrate the most delicious meal.

The night before Thanksgiving the men get together for the ceremonial "injecting of the bird" for frying. We cook 2 birds, one for the fryer and one to roast in the oven. Even though they each have done it several times, listening to my brother in law, Tom, (with the skull cap hat) give directions was priceless. The location of the fryer is always at the "soup house" as we walk from house to house for each course. Tom came over from his appetizer prep at his house to participate in the injecting and have a bourbon and then get back home for his involved prep. Jim made delicious roasted butternut squash soup.

Because my 3 sisters and I all live in the same town in NJ walking from house to house is half the fun and a good chance to get some exercise in between courses. After the turkey course we literally drag our bodies around town to dessert.

With everyone very much into food there is no way to sample it all and we enjoy leftovers for days. My son and father, above,  at my sister Nicole's home, where she, her husband and daughters outdid themselves with the selection .....but how do you choose?
The yellow dolloped hor d'oeuvres above, were delicious homemade blue corn encrusted crab cakes with mango salsa and habanero cream, stuffed mushrooms on the far right...

Tom made what turned out to be my favorite ...root vegetable crostini (top one) with Jerusalem artichokes and fontina cheese...recipe HERE. The lower dish is bruschetta with roasted tomatoes and pancetta.

The antipasti looked beautiful in the stone platter (I have 2 available )

My niece Hilary prepared 2 baked bries. One with pesto and the other with figs and toasted pecans.

My sister prepared homemade spinach ravioli with sage butter and pignoli nuts, YUM! The dish beside it is the much anticipated million dollar candied bacon!

Jakey's fav is the bacon!

My son, Adam and my granddaughter Madison sweet!

So much to be thankful for.

My 2 young nephews tossed the football with my son Ryan en route, such energy! My brother in law, Ricky submerges the fryer bird.  The roasted bird always looks much more picturesque although everyone likes the fried bird for its juiciness. Do you fry or roast?

My niece and nephews surprised us with an impromptu concert.

Me and my besties!

Things got a little whacky while we served up the entree!

Denise's table looked magical with an elegant autumnal table setting. I just loved her white pumpkins with the simple red berry branches. Her husband home baked the bread....Seasonal place cards completed the tasteful theme.

LOVE your gilded chandelier Nee, wherever did you find it ?? Wink wink (chandelier available)

Roasted delicata squash looked beautiful! The rind is edible too, which makes for an easier prep. Denise made some of the stuffing in muffin tins as most everyone likes "the crispy part".

I hosted dessert this year which is great for me as its my favorite course! I had to think ahead because of responsibilities at the store so making ice cream was a perfect choice. I used the Cuisinart ice cream maker after cooking the custard ingredients on the stove. It was so simple and was made a week ahead. The best coffee ice cream I ever tasted and the kids loved the cookies and cream version too. I just LOVED that I had 2 hotel silver bowls. I also made cheesecake with chocolate globs throughout.  Cheesecake freezes well too. Last minute prep was my apple crumble pie and Ryan added lemon cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting that morning. The picture above is my son and me with our zeppole!

It's such a wonderful time of year and we all hope you stop by the warehouse to experience with us this great space decorated for the holidays before I move back to the store.  With it getting darker earlier now it illuminates in late afternoon...we all just love being here and thank many of you for your warm compliments and so enjoying the special gifts and unique home accessories I have collected for you.  Don't forget to have FUN! XOXO

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