Saturday, September 14, 2013

NEW SHIPMENT and a visit to Sag Harbor!


   I am on the road again but first some info....
A couple of dozen pieces from the new shipment have been added to the site HERE.  I haven't gotten a chance to measure and add details. (thank you for your patience)  Email me  for pricing but I will not be back to the shop until Monday if you need measurements.   GREAT STUFF and more to be posted as soon as I can.  There are plenty of new smaller items at the shop and a couple of big pieces.  I don't really take pictures of the small things but I will try and get shop photos soon....whew!  LOTS TO DO!

Anyway I thought you would like a quick tour from my visit to Sag Harbor in Long Island, NY recently. Sag Harbor  is 10 minutes from East Hampton and still has managed to remain a great family town.  Where the town of East Hampton has become glittering, Sag Harbor  has held onto all the original charm a whaling town turned resort can hold.

Many well known and not so well known people have settled into this captivating spot year round.
  While we strolled past an an old five and ten cent store, movie theater and lunch spots who walked by but Bobby Flay and his wife. (I had just seen him the week before waiting to go exercise at Soul Cycle.  he's a cutie.)  We also saw Ellen Pompeo, Dr. Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy, trying to corral her 2 kids.  FYI their names are Stella Luna and Pompeo Ivery! (No comment!)  

 My favorite visit was to the VERY PRICEY home store
Monc XIII,  beautifully renovated inside and out.  

 Hand hewn beams add rustic charm to the Venetian plaster walls throughout.  

View from the loft shopping area.  

 Modern mixes with 19th century beautifully.  

 They added a full kitchen for their "events" and use and sell the antique silver flatware you see on the windowsill.
NOTE - I have a great selection at the shop, all 20% off.  I use my antique silverplate everyday, dishwasher, the works...LOVE IT!!  

 MONC XIII had a full line of new leather accessories in this beautiful British tan.  Does anyone need a leather cooler for $1,500.00??? Don't spill the melting ice!  

Antique Louis Philippe commodes look great with modern pieces.  I am happy to report I have 2 in my new shipment. (not pictured yet as the marble didn't get unpacked.)  

 Bloom is another shop I love to visit.  I LOVE being around gorgeous Gustavian and crusty French furniture .





 I LOVED this curved settle...  



 Anyone need a statement desk??  


 I snagged a pair of Manolo's here for a song.  ( Thanks to super shopper big sister, Neener)  whenever she says "get these" I just do!  hahaha! Someday I hope she will have a shop next to mine with the best fashions at unheard of pricing.
  The selection of merchandise at THE CORNER CLOSET gave me palpitations!   Please say hello to the delightful owner, Seena Stromkey , if you go.  

 The American Hotel is a nice spot for dining.  

 We decided to try Page and were pleased.  Did you know that many restaurants now automatically add 20% gratuity? I read an article about it saying restaurant owners have had to do this because of all of the European visitors in the US resort areas used to the tip being added in their home countries....wish I had read the article before we lunched here, WAIT!, I did....such a ditz sometimes!     

This is what I feel like right now with the schedule I have been on.
 What is your favorite resort town??  CLICK HERE and let us all know...    

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  1. Fun..I love Sag Harbor it makes me feel like I went back in time. Such a fun day trip.We were at Page going to check out your goodies!