Sunday, September 22, 2013


Well THIS is worth mentioning.  On my way to the airport last week I got a call HGTV wants to film a House Hunters segment at the shop!   NO LIE!!!    A customer currently filming their episode on the show told them one of their favorite pastimes was shopping for antiques por moi!    

 I flew in Sunday , shot over to the store and had a ball filming with Mike and Kristin and the crew of  House Hunters.   

My buying trip was a dirty one with clothing packed that would stand a lot of sweat and dirt. WEEELLL I had nothing to wear and when my wonderful sister called from my closet saying "what do you want me to bring" I couldn't even think. When I am away on a buying trip I find it really hard to focus on anything else, obviously from the picture above, snort!!
I think I wore that shirt when I was pregnant!!


 The sound guy getting friendly as I was getting "miked".  

 Getting briefed by the producer.  

 I was supposed to describe some things to them including the Swedish Mora clock.

I haven't been to a nail salon in too long and like every Italian gal my hands did a lot of the talking!  Let's hope there aren't any closeups.  

  It was interesting seeing the behind the scenes of a "reality show".   

Mike and Kristin are newly engaged and are to be married next Fall. Aren't they adorable? 

Of course it became a family affair.  We had to have food one sister kindly brought the sweets, the other brought the box of Joe.  My son and I fooled around during one of the breaks... 


My mother wouldn't have missed it, I was so happy she was there. My sisters were clutch as usual. Love them!  

 It really was a fun afternoon supposedly airing in 3 months.....I'll let you know when.

In addition to filming crews there are a lot of specials going on at the shop.  Lets call it my House Hunters SALE!!  
Very clean
18th Century William and Mary Walnut Bachelors Chest
Inv. 261, H 36.25 w 34.25 d 18.75
Sale $2,400.00

Antique Biedermeier Style Cabinet AUSTRIA
Inv. 168, H 71 w47 d 18.5
Sale $2,250.00  


 Cocktail Table Made from 19th Century Chateau Flooring
Inv. 103, H 18 w 35 d 30. 3/4
Sale $1,395.00    


19th Century Mahogany Demilune With Spool Legs on Casters
Inv. 147, H 29 w 44.5 d 24
Sale $1,050.00  

 RARE coloredCirca 1947 Coast Guard Map
Naming Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Amagansett, Block Island
Inv. 188, H 40. 1/2 w 49. 3/4
SALE $595.00  

 This is my favorite, really light French oak
18th Century Commode FRANCE
Inv. 323, H 38.25 w 49d 21.25
SALE $3,200.00  

 Antique French Walnut Dining Chairs
Inv. 256, H 45 w 18.5 d 20
$2,700.00 set of 6
SALE $1,300.00 set of 6  

 Pair of mid century modern chests on ebonized legs with brass feet.
Inv. 170, H 24 w 23 d 17
$1450.00 pair
SALE $945.00 pair

 18th Cent. Bonnetierre Normandy FRANCE
Inv. 322, H 80w 46.25 d 25
SALE $2,300.00  

19th Century Demilune Console Table ENGLAND
Inv. 116, h 29 w 49.25 d 21
Sale $795.00  


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  1. Congratulations on House Hunters, Bonny. Being an Italian girl myself, I totally understand the "talking with your hands" thing, and I think you look adorable in the oversized white shirt and leggings...actually very on trend.