Friday, February 21, 2014

GO USA!!! Website updates and a ski story!

Just a quick note and sale to cheer our athletes on to GOLD as they compete on their final weekend!!  Available are 3 black framed vintage flags, normally priced at $245.00 on OLYMPIC SALE for $185.00  h16 w 22. Great heirloom art to hang in the boys room too.

In addition, the website has been updated HERE including 2 gorgeous mercury glass mirrors we just uncrated from France.  More updates very soon.  Instagram is the very best way to see pieces the moment they are unboxed .

We went skiing in Stratton, Vermont last weekend and had a ball.....there were 18 family members, including  my parents who are in their 80's.  My father found out too early about the trip and expressed refusal or as some of you may call it sensibility.  Why we would head for more snow when we have so MUCH snow seems crazy but as you may know we book these homes months in advance. I don't know how my mother talked him into it (she's always ready to go everywhere) but he looks happy as we pulled away, doesn't he?

The rental home was spectacular with ample rooms, some even closing off to hallways with rustic barn sliding doors.  It had antler chandeliers, a moose, antique snowshoes, hot tub, the works!

Double sided stone fireplace.

My father always rules the gin games....

WELLLLLL the ladies must have left their brains in the woodbin because feeling like Olympians competing in Nordic Combined we took off into the woods in VERY deep snow to blaze new trails. I had no coat!  (BRILLIANT!)  
We climbed hills, took some spills, laughed a lot and felt like snow dopes as the sun started to turn and it became evident we were truly lost. As we continued to track through thinking we could come to "something"  I explained to my niece there are 2 types of experiences....a REALLY good time or a REALLY good story.  Counting on our survival we felt this would be the latter although after 2 snowmobilers rescued us it seemed as if we had a blast!

As only wives can we had one quip after another how no one answered their phones back at the ski house but it didn't matter anyway because we had positively no idea where we were.  As it it turns out, from Stratton Mountain we had gone 10 miles and were almost to Bromley!!! I couldn't believe how outright dumb I coat AND no phone.  (My feeling when I'm with my big sisters is I don't need my phone because they take care of everything.)  I did get blamed for making the statement early on "oh I don't want to go back the same way we came!"  Whoops!  For once they listened to me! (Guess I should get used to never calling the shots again)

Back at the ski house my brother in law, Tom kept vigil at the commercial stove cranking out one delicious dish after another. He even woke the entire house up at 6 am clanging pots while making homemade cinnamon donuts....they were worth it!

Truly a great weekend! How are YOU enjoying the snow???

Thanks for all your great emails and comments!

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  1. Great seeing you today, the shop looks fabulous as usual!! Looks like you had a fun time here!

  2. I don't think I am enjoying the snow as much as you are. I am so impressed with the pile of fresh fruit. How do I find someone to cook for me :).

  3. Loved watching our skiers win gold and love seeing all of you skiing pictures too!! Must say I'm tired of snow though and ready for warm Spring weather!!