Friday, June 21, 2013

A SPECIAL SALE and a day in the city!!

I was in Manhattan last Saturday spending the day with my son (sweetie) and there are a few things going on right now I wanted to share with you.  One REALLY dangerous and the other dangerous in its own way...

 Spontaneous bike rentals!! Just swipe your card and for $4.00 climb on and deposit at another rack near your destination. Now I know some people who will not even DRIVE a car in the city.  Cabbies, crazies, reckless speedsters trying to make the next light AND ALL THOSE UNRULY PEDESTRIANS and NO HELMETS!! How long is this going to last?    

Yep, I was game because it was such a beautiful day and we didn't want to cab it.  I obviously survived, but the streets are loaded with potholes to add another hazardous feature to this escapade...let me know if you try it.  

The next "could be dangerous activity " is this sweet craze erupting in NY spreading globally..the CRONUT.....part croissant, part donut. DEELISH!!   My son, Ryan, got on line in SoHo at 5:45 AM to be one of the lucky ones to score 2 and only 2 a person of these sugar bombs of sweetness.  They only make one flavor a month. He and I stood in the street and
indulged in our lemon maple and truly enjoyed jumping into this latest food fad.  I heard they have a $100.00 white glove delivery service now AND a 20 Cronut order delivered will set you back $5,000.00.  (DEAR GOD!!) There are also rules of etiquette that are a charming read HERE 


 Dominique Ansel, owner of the bakery, was the former pastry chef at DANIEL in NY.

 Off to the Museum of Modern Art where we enjoyed the classics.
Van Gogh's Starry Night 1889  

Claude Monet's Agapanthus 1914 took 12 years.


Paul Gaugin's Still Life with Three Puppies looked remarkably current for a 120 year old painting.  The rich colors of the fruit and that BLUE made me swoon...  

Henri Matisse's Gourds 1916 with the deep saturated colors.

 Roy Lichtenstein's Girl with Ball , 1961 . The artist took this image straight from an advertisement for a Pocono Mountain Hotel. In pirating it, he transformed the image using comic book techniques and rendering her plastic looking. Great summer fun art.

 The impressive nature of the art started to change a little and this piece above reminded me of tissue art mâché my kids did in grade school.

 This large display above baffled me.....3 large canvasses covered in the same color of white from top to bottom.  When you think of scoring a place on the wall of MOMA I always picture the dialogue in the conference room when they are making their decisions.  I think it must be a kind of Emperor's New Clothes moment when no one wants to say "IT'S JUST WHITE PAINT" !!!

On display in another room was this ....we tried to grasp the idea of what looked like packing material on a busy FedEx day.  I thought maybe the title and description would explain things....  

NOT!!! I was laughing so pardon the blurry nature of the photo but it's titled "UNTITLED"....We felt punk'd.  Please comment HERE if you understand this art and want to explain it to us all...really would love to hear.  

 Of course food was involved.  We went to Smith across from Lincoln Center.  The decor was modern brasserie, the staff was friendly (felt as if I was in Charleston) and the food delish.  I was also informed that all my food pics are called "food porn"....above is prime rib eggs benedict with sweet potato hash browns .

 Banana pancakes with pignoli nuts and ricotta......  KILL ME!! The weather couldn't have been better and the day was perfect.  So many of the streets were closed and bustling with flea markets.  

Back in vogue again are multi bangles jingling on everyone from 8-80.  


At the shop in Summit the cases have been restocked with vintage sterling jewelry and Native American turquoise and coral treasures..  

All jewelry is on special right now through July 4th for all blog readers......20% off when you mention you are an email blog follower.
A great gift to build on for a daughter finishing school or a birthday.  Every year you can add another to her collection. These are the good ones, vintage sterling silver.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the

I am ripping through the merch and carting it out front (specials inside too).  Each day we'll add more items to the sidewalk collection....its a crazy time and good time to visit Summit if you have been meaning to...
Thursday June 27th (give us until noon to get organized) - through Saturday June 29th.

Warmest regards,

Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items
EMAIL ME with any questions.

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 Monday-Saturday 10-5:30

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