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New items and the Charleston Chew !!

Hi y'all!  We headed down to Charleston, South Carolina last weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday and BOY you may want to include this city on your bucket much to offer and we were there only 2 nights!!
People were wonderful, food inventive AND divine, beautiful architecture and history....  

The Charleston Place Hotel was the perfect choice for us.  Southern hospitality at its best and so elegant.  There are smaller inns and hotels but the birthday girl prefers a lively lobby!
How 'bout that Murano chandelier??  My thoughts immediately turn to the packing and shipping of this beauty.  

Furnishings at the hotel were French inspired.  The lantern,
above, looked perfect in the renovated Palmetto Hotel Cafe. (WE HAVE IT, discounted h 24 1/2 , w 17 in  4 finishes.) A pair of beautiful trumeau mirrors and painted consoles flanked the entry to the elevators. Stone urns, gorgeous!  

In the Palmetto Restaurant, above, is a two story stone wall with several silver leaf antique mirrors...LOVE THAT!!!
The foyer of our standard deluxe room had an inlaid floor!
Rog wore seersucker ......we love a theme!! Yes, he should have white bucks but we were not buying them for one time wearing.   


The food was unbelievable, albeit paving the road for a true gall bladder attack if consumed on a regular basis. We decided to sample all the "must have" Charleston specialities. Our first stop was Eli's Table.


Fried Green Tomatoes with herb aioli...  

Shrimp and grits!  Sautéed fresh shrimp in tasso gravy over grits ...  

 We then walked over (everything was in walking distance of our hotel) to Palmetto Carriage to have a guided tour in an open horse drawn carriage. We always like a tour on our first day in a new city to acclimate us to the area and our guide was charming.  LOVED the lights covering the ceiling in the barn, above.   Just a tiny example of how much Charlestonians care about creating visual appeal to everything, even the barn!!!   

  Everywhere you go in the city Charleston pride is evident.

 Old brick and French blue shutters make me swoon...


The streets are lined with homes built in the 18th and 19th centuries.  Above,  you will notice the ceiling of the upper porch painted a light blue, called Haint blue.  Early inhabitants believed ghosts or "haints" wouldn't  cross water and painting a watery blue tricked the spirits. This still is commonly done and even prevents insects and birds from nesting.


  Can't say we were hungry but scheduled was our dinner at
Cru Cafe.

Buttermilk Fried Oyster Salad
Mixed Greens, Apple Smoked Bacon, Red Onions,  

 French fries with truffle oil and parmesan....BEST EVER!!   

 Pecan encrusted Brie with a fig reduction... Can you have 2 BEST EVERS???

We rolled our way back to the hotel ...   

  Early morning service coffee and biscotti served in our room...

 And then we walked to the bike shop for some rentals...
(Birthday girl, above)  

Time for a feeding so we hustled over to the best donut shop in town...  

Farm to table even in donuts.  Handmade dough and ALL natural ingredients but go early for the best selection.   

 This is something you don't see at every donut shop....someone cutting up bacon for the donuts.  Maple glazed bacon donuts pictured on the stand  and, our choices included a raspberry that was made from REAL RASPBERRIES!!  No super sweet favors here...  

  Stone planters...

  The original houses were built vertically on the properties.  With rivers flanking the town, homeowners would leave both their front and back doors open and the breezes would travel through each house in the hotter months.  

 Federal style home with gaslights.  Creating romance at night are all the gaslight lanterns, just love that!

 We biked over to Marion Square to enjoy the weekly farmers market and this weekend an art show.   

 One of the long lines was for this chef, above proudly serving up the largest egg sandwiches I have ever seen. The left picture, above shows my husbands' lunch called THE BIG NASTY!! Fried chicken, biscuits and gravy.  On the right is a muffuletta sandwich, , fried shrimp sandwich and beignets!  It's really a good thing I don't live there although many people have second homes in Charleston.     

Charleston is totally flat and biker friendly but we, of course , had to set the challenging destination of Avenal Bridge . Like a slow death the incline seemed to go on forever but we all made it!!

 We hopped on our wheels again and heard great live rock music coming from the rodeo, above!!  What the heck???  

 MORE FOOD!!  We didn't partake but really enjoyed cruising the almost 25 trucks and their offerings.  Not just everyday truck food, but inventive and creative specialties. (worth mentioning are also the eye appealing trucks) The antique pickup truck, above, had a brick pizza oven pizza built in.

A wonderful farm to table stop was HUSK restaurant serving in a 19th century 2 story southern home with inspiring big porches. The dish, above, served in a wooden trencher was maple glazed pig ears on French toast, NO LIE!!  Their tableware crafted by local artisans added to the earthy and delicious experience.  

A 20 minute drive brought us to the historic Drayton Hall.
The trusts mission is to preserve the property - that is, to keep it in near-original condition.
Drayton Hall is an artifact that has survived the American Revolution, the Civil War, the earthquake of 1886, hurricanes like Hugo, and urban sprawl.
The main house is considered one of the finest examples of Georgian-Palladian architecture in the United States.   

 Because this house is preserved and not restored all paint and details are original and choices of the first homeowner. The larger picture, above shows the carved plaster ceiling AND the wonderful paint with ochre showing through. Gorgeous stone floor in the kitchen.
  If you think keeping measurements on the wall of your kids heights over the years is a newer trend the Draytons here, on the left, had been doing it since the 18th century.   

After awhile it was time to eat again, blahahahahaha!!!  82 Queen is another Charleston Treasure.  The outdoor dining available above in their inner courtyard was so southern.  The interesting chairs are iron.  

 I can't tell you how wonderful this city is, if you get the chance, you must go.  Almost forgot to mention the antique stores, beautiful boutiques shopping.  Rog and I certainly will go back.

 Charleston was the perfect place to kick off my sister's birthday week (like the kids!). She is so very special.  We all wish her a lifetime full of love and good memories.
Happy Birthday Nisey XOXOXO. Would love to hear if you have been to Charleston HERE.

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