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Father's Day Gifts, new website postings AND Memorial Day recap!!!

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I am so happy so many of you LOVED the framed blueprints from my last blog. More are available, $245.00 is an unbelievable price for custom framed art, as many of you noted. (Click HERE to view)

This week we are focusing on the men in your life.  With Father's Day around the corner I can get any of these wonderful finds out to you pronto.


 Pictured above is a clean lined silver tray (one of many available) holding antique and vintage decanters, one completely wicker covered to add wonderful texture. The cocktail shaker is Art Deco and has a bakelite top. Several leather boxes including the red leather "book box" on the left and a burl wood box on the antique books to the right are nice gifts.
The 19th century oil painting, gilt framed, is of a British General and was once owned by the coach of the Miami Dolphins.
H 26 w 21.... Regularly $1400.00!
Mention special web price of $995.00.

Right now the shop is bursting with barware and pieces for entertaining. Vintage cocktail shakers, etched martini glasses and brilliant green wine glasses, above add so much to your bar.  You also can see the base of iron lamps from my artisan line.  Handmade and available in many designs and finishes the lamps, above are priced $695.00 for the pair with shades. Handmade sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers and tables have been a huge hit with designers as well as the appealing price point. Check website HERE for some of the available styles.  

One of a pair of vintage graphite colored bedside chests, above.  Regularly $2200.00 (mention special web price of $1795.00 for the pair).  Nice heavy hardware, too.   

19th century inlaid document boxes are the best gifts for men. They always need some home base for their "stuff"  and gifting one of these 19th century boxes tells them you think they are really important.  Many different sizes and price points available...some even have keys.  

 Vintage original sailboat photograph $150.00,  19th century bench newly covered in cowhide, originally $775.00 mention special web price of $675.00.

The antique doggy nutcracker in front is very collectible, small log cabin on left for the Dad who dreams of a house in the woods.  Behind the log cabin is an hysterical antique print of a man who has clearly "had it" clasping his hands on his face.  Very whimsical AND colorful and telling, as so many of the men in our lives feel this way.  Funny that this one is from the 19th century (some things don't change) .....mention special web price of  $195.00.  In the back is an old green glass water bottle perfect for collecting coins price $65.00.  

The naughty glasses from the 1950's in the front have been very popular at the shop and I just brought in rare pilsner size.  With an iconic pinup beauty in the front the inside reveals her in her voluptuous birthday suit!  A REAL retro conversation piece for the bar at $55.00 a piece.
The male statue in the back is a vintage metal businessman probably presented as an award from the 1960's.  A meaningful gift for Dad for all the hard work he does and a retro addition to his desk or bookshelf....mention special web pricing of $45.00.


 Many bookends both wood and stone are available for both Dad and as an end of the year gift for a wonderful teacher.

  Small items for teachers include many different vintage glass and alabaster apples.

   What a great idea for the young teacher to start a collection of apples.....white books covered in vellum, linen or script paper create a nice backdrop.

Skipping back to Memorial weekend and our kickoff to the didn't matter that it was FREEZING COLD at the beach we still had a great time. 

My son, above, splitting the lobsters....  

 Oysters roasted on the grill .....  

 Presented with a mignonette sauce RECIPE HERE   

  Lobster grill, YUM!!  A big thank you to the men who prepared all the shellfish, recipes included!

  Crack me up!  We are the only family that visits the seaside and brings the lobsters 3 hours from home because they were cheaper at SHOP-RITE, SNORT!!!

My sister always ready with delectable side dishes.  Brussel sprout salad, above with walnuts and pecorino.  TO DIE FOR!!!!  Recipe HERE.  

Agnolotti with sweet peas, pancetta and arugula....OMG!!!  

And, of course no ones tastes excluded ....The tried and true Yankee lovers favorite meal!!
Which would YOU choose....sign up to comment on my blog HERE.....and let us know....  

Nothing like a garage sale in the Hamptons!!  Notice the inflated garage stand pricing, HA!  

 The weekend ended like this picture of the Montauk lighthouse, above.  Lets hope this is the continuing scene for the whole summer!
MARK YOUR CALENDARS for a BIG event at the store and the whole town of Summit.  SIDEWALK SALE DAYS June 27, 28 and 29.  It's a good time to visit our town in NJ if you have been meaning to....lots of fun AND great bargains!  More to follow....
 Enjoy your week and hope to see you!  

Warmest regards,

Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items
EMAIL ME with any questions.

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