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A Beautiful Home...

You all know how much I LOVE Joni Webb's blog ?I get so excited when I see an update in my mailbox,  not only for the spectacular pictures but her point of view is both relatable and design forward.   I am fortunate to be a sponsor on her site and she even sources me when she uses pieces she buys from me. (so gracious) Every posting shows pictures of wonderful interiors using pieces I currently offer so here is her blog pictures followed by pictures of the antiques I have so you can recreate these beautiful rooms.  The latest posting of hers featured
  A Pamela Pierce designed house, one of Joni's favorite designers from Houston.  A few years ago, Pamela Pierce's house was a cover story in Veranda


This picture above is of her own bedroom and is rarely seen on the internet.  
 Joni says - " but I think it is so pretty.  Understated, yet beautiful, it highlights Pierce's aesthetic:  a love of antiques, a quiet monochromatic look, no easily defined period, and the use of quality in the elements that separates her work from the more average."
I like The French bench  casually placed in the room.  Picture the room without the small bench and you can see how much it adds ....a small bit of romance (what everyone wants in the boudoir)

This vintage French bench is newly covered and available.  Price-$445.00

Pamela Pierce's living room. I love the nubby linen upholstery and, of course, the crusty chair in the forefront.  The round table partially pictured in the bottom left corner has a similar look to one I have (below) in addition to the trestle leg table near the window .

Inv. 145 pedestal teak table h-27.5, diam 33.5 pr. $745.00

Inv. 138 19th century Bleached Oak Trestle table from Belgium h-29.5, w-70.5, d-29.5 $3,400.00 ........ love those trestle legs.!

Joni blogs - "Pierce's own kitchen with the beautiful steel windows and doors and the great antique lantern."  

Notice the cutting  boards on the table.  I love using these on my kitchen island when I put out any even adds a nice touch when you are only pulling out chips and salsa.  When it's not on the island I tilt it upright behind my cooktop and it looks like a piece of art.     I have a similar table to this one  (pictured below), it's a period Louis XVI ....I know I shouldn't say this out loud....the antique gods or police will certainly "get me" but, if I had the space, I would split it in half and use the 2 parts as a pair of  consoles.  There,  I said it, come arrest me!

Inv. 80 Louis XVI period French table h-28, w-44, d-33 pr $2,500.00

This picture showing the cutting boards is from the new online magazine Rue. (why not sign up to receive Rue!) The breadboards in the picture below I have available at Trouvaille.




Although the large Putti flanking the fireplace are a bit over the top , the chairs look both comfortable and important.  All the colors blend without matching,  which is a great way to achieve a classic look that never goes out of style.  I am going to dress my limestone mantle this way next Christmas....gorgeous!

Joni blogs - "The front door opens to an expansive two story entry.   Here, an antique console stands in the center where a typical designer would use a round library table. The rectangular table is the first clue that Pam Pierce is the designer.  The interiors were designed eight years ago, which amazes me because the house still looks current and fresh.  A decade old design can look dated and out of style, but this interior doesn't because of the liberal use of classic antiques, which don't age."  
I couldn't agree more and especially love the fauteuil chair to the left.  Beautiful, classic and sturdy enough for kids to crash in. The ones pictured below are available.

I found these chairs in France, they are covered in grey Belgian linen and are currently at Trouvaille. 

French 19th Century Walnut Fauteil Chairs covered in Belgian Linen
Inv. 88, h-46.5, w-26, d-25
$3,200.00 pr (pictured above)

Antique French walnut fauteil Chairs from France
Inv. 4, h-43 1/2, w-26 1/2, d-26
$2,160.00 pr. (pictured below)
this is one of a pair 

Notice the addition of antique doors underneath the overhang flanking the entry to probably the dining room.  This antique pair adds such warmth to this newly built home.  Once again picture them not there and the foyer appears a little cold.  Below is a pair of 18th century doors I brought back from France. The old wood and original hardware create a one of a kind statement.

Inv. 22, h-7'2", 22"w, pr. $1,800.00 pr

Joni comments - "The living room is bathed in soft blue linens. Even the trumeau has a soft blue tint to it.  Unfortunately, the curtains were out being cleaned when this picture was taken."   

I have a trumeau mirror I found in France, and it too, has a blue tint to it.  (pictured below) I also brought back 2 bronze and glass cocktail tables like the one in this beautiful living room above.

Inv. 94  h-51.5, w-49  $2350.00

Inv 10 h-16, w-35.5, d-18  $1500.00

This trestle leg table again is wonderful but my favorite is the French buffet on the far wall similar to the one I found in France pictured below.

Inv 143 18th Century French Server H- 28, w-51, d-23 pr $4200.00

These leather chairs in Pam Pierce's breakfast room beautifully contrast those lush silk window treatments. Rustic worn leather with soft shiny silk....spectacular!  I have available similar antique chairs below.....disressed leather with those awesome nailheads....

Leather chairs-Inv 128, h-37, w-19, d-16.5,  $2500.00 set of 6

Joni blogs - "The master bedroom overlooks the back yard.  Of course I love the darling tufted settee with the double ruffled skirt that is Pam's trademark."    

I always like the use of a commode as a bedside table as pictured to the right of the bed....placing a chest here is beautiful AND functional.  The one below I found in France and is at the store.

Inv. 65, Painted French 3 drawer commode h-34.5, w-46.5, d-21.5  $3425.00

Joni says - "This gorgeous French armoire anchors the room.   Remember - when starting out, try to buy one antique to anchor each room. You'll have it the rest of your life!"   

I love the rustic table behind the sofa and the antlers placed on the fresh white wall.  I found a pair of antlers in Belgium from the Black Forest (pictured below)

Black Forest Deer Antlers Inv 41  h-33, w-36, d-18  $725.00

See here the picture of the wine tasting room with slate and the necessary wine tasting table, similar to the one I found (pictured below)

 Wine tasting table
Inv 14, h-27, w-46, d-39  pr. $2,200.00

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