Saturday, October 27, 2012

ABChic upholstery, 25% off!!

With all the antiques and handmade pieces I'm always sharing with you I want to remind you of the wonderful upholstery line we represent.

100% American made Vanguard is currently the furniture of choice at the White House!

Vanguard Furniture is a family-owned and operated company that is known for high-quality bespoke furniture. Products are design driven and custom produced, one piece at a time and we are proud to offer you this quality line at 25% off of retail prices.

Our customers seeking pieces of impeccable quality, design and affordability turn to this line and, with our help, LOVE the results! The personal assistance you receive at our shop is unmatched by larger furniture companies as we take the burden off of you while listening to your needs and ideas and making the process fun.

While many American companies are now out sourcing their frames, Vanguard still does things the old fashioned way.  By monitoring the drying process of the woods it is understandable why their pieces come with the 100% lifetime guarantee on their frames, springs and cushions (a rarity!)

Many styles of comfortable occasional chairs are available as well as dining chairs AND counter and bar stools.

This extra wide ottoman serves as a cocktail table and extra seating when needed. It rests on stylish casters with a shelf underneath to store all those items you like to hide when entertaining.  Many wood choices to choose from.

 This customer chose from the many sectional sofas available for the family's playroom.

Currently on our selling floor is this pair of stylish Abigail chairs in slipcovers.  We love this chair as it is super comfortable for both men and women  without taking over all the floor space of a club chair.....Available in slipcover or upholstered.  Starting price for the upholstered chair is $1,248.75 with our standard discount of 25%.

The Abigail chairs in nubby neutral slipcovers in this modern living room.
LOVE the antique bronze cocktail table I found in France.

The popular Mary sofa, above on our selling floor, slipcovered. This sofa comes in 18 different arm styles!! Each style is available in chairs and loveseat sizes as well. Shown here is a single seat cushion, a current look, although several cushion variations are one of the many options available on this popular sofa.

Beautiful slipcovered pieces.....

The Ashley sofa, above, is currently on special promotion until January. The promotion price is $2250.00.  This inviting sofa is gorgeous with the dressmaker details that come standard with the promo....beautiful velvet flange and pleating on the pillows, a decorative window appliqué and relaxed down fill.

Many leg choices and different wood stains are available, too.

Our current fabric choices, above......

On all the pieces, expected lead times are 6-7 weeks, but some lucky clients have been surprised to receive theirs in less than 3 weeks!!

Please email me with any questions. Our sales assistants would be glad to help you create a terrific space for your family. You can always send me pictures of the room you are working on or even a video. We are happy to put our design heads together to create something beautiful for you.....

Best way to reach me is by EMAIL...."please note you will receive a blog letter only when the site is updated with new pieces HERE".
I am wondering about this storm we are supposed to have, we lost power for 6 days last time.  Uh oh!!

Warmest regards,

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

RARE Art Deco opportunity and new site updates..

Art Deco design originated in Paris and, understandably has a cult following in both the antiques and design world.  An elegant and glamourous form known for its "sexy" statement style, Art Deco pieces were crafted for a relatively short time in the 1920's and 1930's. It is easy to see why those lucky enough to have an original period piece are very proud to display this rare part of design history.

The DeCoene brothers , the premier furniture company from Belgium, are responsible for this spectacular statement piece, above I brought back from Belgium.

This original Art Deco piece is in spectacular condition. With its mirrored back, burlwood and thick onyx top, the DeCoene brothers created this masterpiece.  Its form stands the test of time and is a beautiful way to incorporate an important antique  into your decor for those of you loving the clean look of modern rooms and wanting to take the advice of top level designers advising you to add a good antique to each room for importance, warmth and timelessness. The Art Deco form marries seamlessly with modern design.

Known for their fine craftsmanship and subtle details DeCoene accepted assignments from all over the world and successfully implemented total interiors that even today, 100 years later, are current and functional.

Art Deco subtle curves...

gleaming finish....

wonderful natural grain.....

Original thick onyx top....

With its polished onyx top the DeCoene console is perfect to use as a bar. It also would be wonderful in a foyer or a focal point in the dining or living room.

Currently a quick internet search will reveal these DeCoene pieces reaching prices in the high $30,000.00 but the rare opportunity for this piece is $4900.00.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or need delivery of this rare beauty!

Some great gift items or additions to your retro bar.....
Vintage silverplate ice bucket, beaded rim detail FRANCE $295.00
Vintage etched glass cocktail shaker with 2 bottle pourers $85.00,
Vintage cobalt blue cocktail shaker with etched sailboat $135.00,
Vintage cocktail shaker with cocktail recipes from the era $195.00

Set of 8 coasters $45.00 (a nice hostess gift with a bottle of wine), vintage silverplate cocktail shaker with handle and screw cap $85.00, antique seltzer bottle from Argentina $75.00, antique brass candlesticks in the manner of Louis Tiffany $175.00 pair

On another note Girls Night in Summit  was a great success this past Thursday.  Our Tarot Card Reader was a big hit as our visitors sipped French wine and nibbles as they awaited their readings well after the scheduled closed. Everyone commented how FULL of inventory the store is as we are ready to help you make your home just the way you wish to create your holiday memories.  Enjoy the new added inventory HERE. Hope to see you soon.

EMAIL ME with any questions.

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Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brooklyn Flea Market and new site updates!!

 I have been meaning to go to the Brooklyn flea markets for a few years and finally took the time last Sunday. I am lucky enough to live close enough to the city to visit often but far enough away to still have bears in my yard! (which has continued on a daily basis, by the way.)
Brooklyn, the largest of the 5 boroughs of New York,  has transformed itself from its humble beginnings. In the late 19th and early 20th century it was the first American home of many hard working immigrants. The area became ethnic enclaves full of great eateries and small businesses and the friendly bustle of growing neighborhoods. From brownstones and row houses to Italianate mansions, Brooklyn thrived as the home of many New Yorkers. Large industries like Pfizer, Domino and Corningware shared the waterfront with popular breweries.

In the past several years abandoned factories were negotiated and converted to spacious lofts.  Talented artists moved in seeking lower rents than in Manhattan and enjoying the much needed light filled lofts for their work. Galleries and shops opened catering to the new residents and a new transformation began. Along with the changes in Brooklyn rents have changed also but, are still much more affordable than Manhattan. With community involvement and new zoning laws open spaces and parks are now  mandated . Many new businesses and hip restaurants keep Brooklyn a great place to live and well worth a visit.  There are now biking paths on the water and also, some interesting flea markets.  We visited the Williamsburg flea market on the water on 7th street which, on Sundays, has vintage items in addition to gourmet foods.

The offerings weren't really my style but it was fun to see what the younger antique sellers were offering. Their pricing was definitely high New York.

I must say if you wanted some nice handcrafted jewelry there were many examples of beautiful creative pieces.

Generally, most of the displays showed a lot of effort and creativity as in this vintage and new eyeglass vendor's display, above. It's hard to tell but the fixtures were handmade from reclaimed wood with decorative medallions...very pleasing and easy to shop.  He had hundreds of styles and will even fit the frames to your prescription.

I didn't want to notice the food but you just couldn't. As a matter of fact it was the "gourmet flea market " food that attracted most of the people.  The vendors were very passionate about their offerings which was really enjoyable but I resisted!

These two girls have roasted corn on a stick that was dripping with butter and spices. I don't think the girl on the right actually ate hers, do you??? SNORT!!

The visitors were young and adorable!

My husband indulged in a lobster roll sandwich...I resisted and ate Vegan, gluten free (I am not even totally sure what that is) Swiss chard, garbanzo beans and a little couscous with lemon.  I thought gluten was in bread products!  Very delicious but I don't have to tell you there was no comparison to what I was seeing everyone else eat.

Simple display but it moved beautifully with the breeze. After he enjoyed his lobster roll Roger then chose one of the lemon poppy donuts that I had one single bite was stupendous!

This was the tiniest smoked brisket sandwich with Texas style mustard potato salad.

This vendor brought his wood burning can see some of the wood next to it in the shadows to create gourmet personal pizzas...

There were also wonderful desserts, homemade gourmet ice creams and treats to take home, beautifully wrapped.

I love this! 

A 1/2 block away from the Williamsburg flea market was the Artist and Flea market inside an old warehouse on North 7th Street FULL of new handmade jewelry, nice artisan pieces and vintage and new artistic clothing.  They had a DJ spinning, it was really nice!

We parked in a lot on 7th street not wanting to waste time trying to score street parking.  We paid $8.00 for a couple of hours...very cheap!

Well when I got home my mother had stopped over and left THIS!!, above, in my refrigerator.  She had tried something new!  I think to lose a few pounds I need to go live in a cave somewhere for 6 days!!  Is there sabotage all over or what?? My husband has a metabolism that you would give up your first born to have and I am surrounded by fantastic cooks who  have their own keys to my home!! She left her pumpkin bread at the beginning of the week and then, Sunday this eggplant dish.  Well, as you can imagine, I caved and it was worth it.  The most delicious dish I ever sunk my teeth into. It was funny having her dictate the recipe to me and I made her change "the little of this, little of that" measurements for your benefit.

To your knees Stuffed Eggplant 
6  eggs
3 cloves  crushed garlic
1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
1/4 c chopped fresh basil
1. 1/2 c grated Romano cheese
1 cup breadcrumbs
Dash cinnamon
Dash of ground cloves

Mix stuffing mix together the consistency of meatloaf

Make slices of eggplant envelope style like a hot dog roll
Stuff envelope with prepared stuffing.

Fry in 3/4 inch deep canola oil on both sides until browned. Remove and drain on rack with paper underneath.

Put a thin layer of marinara sauce in foil pan .place stuffed eggplant slices on sauce place slice of fresh mozzarella on each eggplant . Top with 1/4 cup marinara sauce and bake  in a 375 degree oven for 40 minutes.

The website has been updated with new pieces..HERE. I have some more items from my container getting "cleaned up" and will picture soon.  Thank you for all your responses about the lantern positioning on my front entry.  They came in half  voting to turn it on the diagonal and half  leaving it straight.  Rog knows turning it is on his list of "to do's"as I want to see more of the antique zinc.

GREAT EVENT!!!!!   The town of Summit is hosting its GIRLS NIGHT  next week on Thursday, October 11th and we are excited to be offering FREE TAROT CARD readings at the shop at 12 Beechwood Road Summit, NJ from 5:30-9 pm.
If you ever wanted to visit the store,  GIRLS NIGHT is the time to make an evening of visiting ALL the shops and restaurants in town as everyone has fun things planned from refreshments to freebies.  Hope to see you and help you look into your future......
Best way to reach me is by EMAIL....

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