Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween!!
Take your bones over to happy hour at the warehouse this Saturday and

Parkers Petals sent this beautiful arrangement and Skully wants to Party!! Saturday from 3PM -close enjoy great wine and bites and NO TRICKS!!
Storewide savings of 10% to 60 % with a gift candle for purchases over $100.00!!  
 It's a good time to start your holiday shopping while the selection is best and supplies last!

A bit of what's been coming in, below...

 Dramatic upcycled hurricanes regularly $48.00
on sale for $38.00...2 colors!

Scary and not so scary vintage decorative pieces....

So excited about the 5 French cheeseboards available. They are made from upcycled French wine barrel tops and three of them are lazy Susans.

Hand blown carafes, regularly $75.00 and $65.00 on sale for
$59.00 and $52.00....great hostess gift idea!

 Soft Turkish silk down blend pillows regularly $155.00, on sale $139.50.

Gorgeous ostrich skin handbags with horn back crocodile handles...regularly $275.00 on sale for $225.00

Ceramic sauce cups perfect for spreads, olives or whenever you need stylish small serving pieces (salad bowls too) and bisque carafes all in dreamy neutrals, dishwasher and microwave safe! Also available are bamboo handled spoons, seashell servers in pure white and horn spreaders and salad servers.
Cups on sale for $10.00 and carafes, $48.00.

Sustainable bamboo serving ware to use or display! love these so much, great color!
Sale prices; medium bowl $33.50
large bowl, $41.50
extra large bowl, $60.00
   tray $62.50
round tray available too!

Vintage hotel silver cups to use as votives or tableware, on sale for $27.00. At our Long Table event we used them for everything from the sauce on the table to nuts and candy!

Very limited supply of marble cutting boards, on sale for $41.00,
small silvered votives, $6.00

We are also full of the VERY popular vintage glassware and barware...treasured gifts and a great way to add color to your neutral decor.
"If you have had your eye on something, let's talk!"

We hope to see you to toast the upcoming holidays and help you have your home look beautiful for the holiday season, we are really excited with what we have in house right now.

November 1, 3pm-closing. XOXO

This sale excludes SISSYs jewelry.

Warm regards,

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
315 B Springfield Avenue | Summit, NJ
Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30.

Thursday, October 23, 2014



If I had ever expertly mastered the stopping part of roller blading I would DEFINITELY wear roller blades at work!! Seriously, at 7500 square feet the warehouse store is HUGE and we have it FULL!! Deliveries are daily and we are logging in miles unpacking and placing gorgeous furniture, decorative accessories and gifts. The time is coming when I will have to pick up shop again when my store renovation is complete so


Available ON SALE is the most stylish, functional sofas and chairs,

all U.S. made and ready for immediate delivery. 
Most are 30-40% off
 and one 25% off...check it out!!! 

Shown above are a pair of  Georgica chairs we designed for their clean look and maximum comfort. Appealing in style with their nailhead trim, they do not take up a large footprint in your room. We designed each piece carefully and made sure men would also be comfortable sitting in the Georgica chairs.
35% off!!

AHHH!! the Vergara sofa with its lightly tufted back, plush cushion and soft grey/brown velvet adds stunning glamour and comfort!  We love it partnered with our shag rug, also discounted.
25% off!!

It seems that every home needs a swivel chair to stay in the conversation but also see the television or fireplace! The functional Madison chair doesn't sacrifice style for practicality with its modern arm and textured sage upholstery.
40% off!!

Soft, rich, thick leather makes the Darcy chairs add an importance to your living, family or great room. The modern club chair.....super stylish, super comfortable but not super HUGE!! This leather chair will increase in appeal over years of use. The textured leather is a brownish grey.
30% off!!

Our apartment sectional meets the need for comfortable ample seating for rooms with more modest square footage. We chose plush cushions and a rich textured neutral fabric for versatility.
30% off

The ADAMS sofa .....THE CRASH SOFA!! The best spot after a long hard day. Super plush cushions and rich soft linen make the ADAMS every family members favorite place in the house.
30% off!!

The Danielle chair is the perfect accent chair with sophisticated lines, shown, above in platinum soft leather. The front leg casters add extra style.
40% off!!

The Georgica chairs, again, but this time shown in a pearl woven linen with nailhead trim. It bears repeating that this chair is pleasing to the eye, doesn't take up a large footprint and has the maximum comfort even men enjoy! Everyone's happy!  We like them across from your sofa as well as on an angle standing alone as shown, above.
35% off!!

Traditional but not so traditional wing chair in a thick textured check! 
Love it with the stretcher base....
35% off!

Also currently on sale are the in stock Bunny Williams 8 X 10 area rugs!! Leave it to Bunny to design a fully washable indoor/outdoor rug that is also soft and stylish. At 60% off they are a steal!!  We have only 4 available so don't delay! We'd be happy to ship too!

30% off
already affordable down/feather handmade pillows in BLUE! We have more blue styles to show you not shown in the pic, above. We even have the trendy washed denim hiding in the back left above.

EMAIL ME for any info you need and, as always, we ship nationwide.
The site has been updated HERE and most of you are enjoying seeing the current arrivals as we unpack on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.  Come on people....stay in the know and sign up so you can see the new finds.  Some items sell right from INSTAGRAM ....IT'S EASY!!!!! Email me for details.

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 

315 B Springfield Avenue | Summit, NJ
Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our unique stay in Texas and RUG SALE!!

We have hit the ground running here in New Jersey since our return from the buying trip each day spent unwrapping unique pieces at the warehouse to add to your homes or to give as gifts. We are opening boxes after months and months of searching for the finest artisan accessories and handmade accent pieces and furniture.  Current design trend is still soft neutrals but we are solving your dilemma of having a "too sterile" look by offering colorful accents adhering to our commitment of quality and rich materials in the one of a kind pieces you need to make your home the warm, unique center of your lives.
 Artisans are hand delivering their goods to the store, local artists are hanging their own work and we have put together quite a collection in our 7500 square foot space.
To add to our new upholstered collection available right now, more sofas and chairs are due in any day.  We have carefully chosen the rich fabrics and they are ready for immediate delivery.
We hope you visit to experience our collection!

As a second part from our visit to Round Top Texas for the antiques fair I wanted to share our pics of our special "home base" while we were there.

Named after the patron Saint of wine, the Hotel St. Vinzent was the perfect start and finish to our long days spent on the fields. This historic property has been lovingly restored blending sophistication with local charm and provided us with a true feeling of home.

Penny, our beautiful hostess, juggled the care of the four beautiful suites, delicious breakfast and happy hour each day at Prost, their wine bar providing world class vintages.

We stayed in Andi's House, a happy inspiring place named after Penny's friend who courageously battled cancer. Her beautiful photo greets you on the rustic foyer table where Penny had croissants, scones, fruits and cookies waiting for us on the days she wasn't cooking delicious breakfast casseroles.

Loved this leather chair and quirky horn table.

Handsome cowboy photographs were impressive in the hallways.

Loved the white stone on the rustic table...

Outside mine and Roger's bedroom was the perfect spot for a Mora clock. Our suite was aptly named the Carpe Diem! Suite.

Cozy linens....the pillows are embroidered, the side tables,  sculptural.

This stone top antique French desk contrasted beautifully with the metal chair and clean white walls. Inspirational quotes from Andi's journal are hung throughout.

Nan's room called the Giddy Up Suite had a pair of twin iron beds with fur trimmed pillows. Perfectly named ....notice her cowboy boots collected on the fields. It's so hard to resist buying boots as they are so well priced and the selection is endless.

I just LOVED this rustic iron chair had hints of original paint.

The large bathrooms were beautiful with their modern fixtures and old beadboard walls.

In The Summer House is the serene Blue Boots Suite with a blue painted Texas four posted bed.

One of the reasons we love the Round Top area is how friendly the people are. We had fun meeting the other guests at the inn. These gals were in the Green Room.

We had coffee on the porch each day lucky to have the view of this spectacular live oak tree.  This tree is one of only 18 trees maintained by the agricultural school of Texas A&M University. The little path on the left led to a friendly coffee bar, Expressions, where Nan brought back the espresso each morning served by Joe, below. (Rog needs hi-test).

Bikes are provided and the close proximity to Round Top Square makes this perk appreciated.

I just loved the small 19th century stone building named Prost.
 Prost, in German means "cheers!"  Penny has collected world class wine offerings and we enjoyed tastings to make our wine selection each day.

Breakfast was also served in the early 19th century building. I always love the addition of the cutting boards we have easy and add so much.

Casual elegance....

Thick stone walls, limestone floors, beamed ceilings and great wine AND air conditioning!!!  Pure comfort!!

See how thick the walls are??

Lodging is hard to come by and The Hotel St. Vinzent couldn't accommodate us for our whole stay.  Penny has a friend "down the road" who has an event space on their ranch and we ended our trip at what we called "The Ponderosa"!
 Total crack-up! Our bags were moved for us and late one night we entered this place.

Just the 3 of us!! Roger found the lights!!   If the whole town came over we would still have had room for bronco riding inside!!

There were lots of guns, saddles and cowboy hats decorating the space.

Feeling a little like "The Shining" we turned in.

I wasn't tired enough the first night and drove exhausted Rog a little crazy as he kept having to get up to bang the walls.  The mouse sounded as if it was chewing the bed post!!! I slept with the blanket tightly over my head and vowed to make sure I had more wine the next evening. KILL ME!!! I hate rodents!!!

I was happy to see the light of day.

While strolling around the square late one night the 3 restaurants were closed. Roger was thrilled to bump into this guy proud to share his BBQ. The ribs and brisket were mouth watering and after an introduction to the chef we understood why.  It was Eddie Posas, Jr., award winning BBQ national champion!! So much fun!!

We just love this place and can't wait to return in the spring!!  Hope to see you at the warehouse to share the new finds and hear what you've been up to!

   Warm regards,

 Click here for a full history of this unique area.

 Click here to see new items on website

on current stock of indoor/outdoor rugs from the Bunny Williams collection.
60% off!!!  
Beautiful and soft these rugs are completely washable!! There are only 4 available so stop by the warehouse as soon as you can!!

Not everything is pictured on the site which is why most of you are enjoying seeing the current arrivals on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.  Come on people....stay in the know and sign up so you can see the new finds.  Some items sell right from INSTAGRAM ....IT'S EASY!!!!! Email me for details.

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
315 B Springfield Avenue | Summit, NJ
Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30.