Monday, April 25, 2011

Chatham Home Visit
Carole Dinnhaupt has been a customer for years and she so graciously agreed (with a little arm twisting) to allow me to photograph her beautiful and creative Chatham, New Jersey home.

The story of the house in Carole's words - "Andy and I met at the University of Scranton.  He lived in Madison, and I lived in PA (Bucks County).  When we would drive to each other's homes in the summer for visits (in between the land-line long-distance phone calls and snail mail!!), we would drive past this house.  We both loved it (well, I loved it - he thought it was cool).  We moved to a small house in Chatham in 1996, with no kids, and in 2003, after baby #3, were ready to move to a bigger home.  We bought the house across the street from this one, in part because I could wake up every morning, raise the shade, and look at my absolute favorite home.   About 3 months later, that house went on the market!!  We bought the house and moved in less than a year later.  I sometimes still pinch myself and think "I still can't believe we live here".

Love the red bench! The first indication there is passion in this home...

Great old windows give a glimpse of the living room with glassware waiting for cocktail hour on the vintage barcart.

The entry - notice the rug, the chandelier and the arched passageway framing the BEST desk area (I'll show a close-up further down)...she knows how to do it!

Louise is Lulu and is precious in every room including the family room...these chairs are terrific!
Lulu has her own sense of style...she rearranges doll furniture!!

I just knew these chairs were Italian!! check out the textured rug.

Much more interesting than  albums and easier than frames, Carole displays her photos in a glass jar.  Reminds me of reaching in for the prize after dental visits!

Vintage artists model (available) kids love to change the pose!

The wonderful living room...

Great pagoda sconces and serene neutral accessories...

The lucite ghost chair, the modern lamps (to die for shades) and antique French herbier collection on the wall (available) what a combo!

Vintage bar cart (available).

Old with new.....beautiful!

These are my favorite.....spectacular vintage brass nesting tables!

Loved this idea Carole "borrowed" from her friend Jen Cosgrove....the silver baby cups no longer in use evoke that special Momma moment whenever you see them....pierced porcelain compote (available).

Okay, I am so impressed with the result of placing these pieces together...the leather and brass x bench I found in Paris, Carole obsessed about this abstract oil painting of mine and knew it would look perfect here, the tortoise shell (available), the skin tray and this simple long oval mirror...STUNNING!!

For all of you concerned about the aged patina of rare mercury glass mirrors, look how much it adds to this clean, modern bathroom.  I LOVE a little patina to keep things interesting and who needs to see every detail of their face perfectly, I know I don't want to!

Carole snapped this horrendous picture of me trying to get everything in one shot...

See how REAL the dining room is??  Dog crate end table!!

You may recognize the silver framed oil painting on the bottom shelf here in the dining room.... Carole snagged this one in our silent auction we run regularly! 

Polo balls (more available) in an alabaster compote.  I am always looking for alabaster and marble compotes and I just sponsored a giveaway of one on the Cote de Texas blog, my favorite,

LOVE LOVE the orange mirror, the wall color with white trim, AND the chairs.  See the contrast of the chairs with the traditional mahogany table??  Many of you have inherited these tables and you are disappointed thinking you have to go traditional.  All the white in the room compliments the chairs beautifully...we also have settees/banquettes seen here available at the shop...

The iconic 1950's pink bathroom....

Lulu's bedroom.....the paper is textured!

Isn't the master bedroom true Hollywood glam!!  Love the color palette and the vintage chandelier...

Art Deco armoire....

Love the glossy wall paint

This ceiling canopy is original, impressively large and is perfect for the wood and brass chandelier....

Carole wanted the mirror to float in front of the window and while shopping one day spotted this steel rod on a base and mounted it there...isn't she unreal??  look at the skin tray and the Jonathan Adler lamp...

Yes, those are boobies!!

The kitchen....Carole said they decided against renovating their kitchen to invest in a weekend home instead....I didn't even  the red "tool cabinet" used  as their pantry   A true example of making lemonade out of lemons!

Magnetic chalkboard wall...Carole changes the quotes when the spirit moves her...

The mud room/porch....

I hope you enjoyed this visit as much as I did.  Carole is one of a kind and I thank her for allowing us a peak and sharing her wonderful ideas.  How inspiring for her children to grow up with such creativity around them and a Mom with great energy!  
I have great customers!

Carole and Loulou

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