Friday, May 25, 2018

Memorial Day Sale!

 Welcome Summer, we thought you had forgotten about us!

Arrivals daily have been keeping us super busy at GreatHouse and we're making room for new original artwork with a terrific 25% off  ART SALE! 
If you are a fan of the series Big Little Lies you will recognize Nicole Kidman's bedroom, above, with a stunning piece by our featured artist Kelly O'Neal.

O'Neal's pieces are very popular as they express movement and a colorful exuberance many of you are looking for to add to your neutral decor. Big Little Lies has a print....YOU can have an original at 25 % savings.

5 x 6 ft original mixed media on canvas, custom framed in gloss black now $2,135.00

A striking abstract, 3 x 5 ft. mixed media on canvas, custom floating frame, now  $2,400.00

Amazing blues! 2 x 3 ft. mixed media on canvas, custom framed in metallic,  now $1,220.00

Blush and neutrals, mixed media on canvas, 42 in x 58 in, custom framed in a darker metallic , now $1,800.00

Just one picture of our terrific hostess gifts. Stop by tomorrow. Hours are 10:30-5:30, closed Sunday and Monday.

Forest Feast, A beautiful cookbook full of gorgeous photos and written in a fun format to enjoy.

I made this recipe, above and substituted goat cheese for the Gorgonzola, ....easy and a crowd pleaser.

 After you toast your favorite chopped nuts, mush some goat cheese around the grapes.

Roll the cheesy grape into the nuts.

Refrigerate and serve! Super easy and super tasty!

Wishing you a safe and fun Memorial weekend from the GreatHouse family. Don't forget to honor our veterans and the sacrifices they have made for us. God Bless America!

Hope to see you soon.....Instagram is still the BEST way to stay in the know.

Be well,
Bonny XOXO

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