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The fairest of them all! MIRROR SALE!!!!

We have come along way from the original mirror which was made of polished stone in 6000 B.C.  
Sometimes when I am putting on my makeup in the morning I wish the surface wasn't so clear, snort! Lets go back to polished stone and live in fantasy!!
 I read about a woman recently who for a year didn't look in a mirror.  She had felt obsessed with her appearance and found the experiment made her more concerned with others.  It sounds good but I don't know if I want a stranger on the subway putting on my lipstick.

Anyway,  more clear reflective surfaces were discovered and perfected over the centuries with the French and Italians arriving at mercury glass mirrors in the 17th century.  Mercury amalgam was layered onto a thick piece of glass. This thick glass gives a deeper reflection. This difference can be detected when looking and
comparing with today's mirrors.  If any of you have ever lifted an old mirror you probably have been surprised with the weight because of the thick glass used.

 Mercury glass mirrors were considered extreme luxuries during the 18th century and I have to say the feeling is the same today.   

Mercury is not used anymore and the old glass sometimes has developed into a beautiful, sparkly lustre over time.   When I was featured on One Kings Lane they were in disbelief at how many mercury glass mirrors I have......well, today is your lucky day as some of the mirrors I am currently offering for sale have this treasured truly one of a kind material.  A great opportunity to acquire something so beautiful that is just not made any longer.

When viewing this blog those mirrors I have on sale will start with "available" and will have measurements and noted if it is mercury glass.

This vignette above shows how a once formal mirror can compliment your casual lifestyle. Here it graces a rustic farmtable. Don't you love the contrast?

19th century carved giltwood mirror. FRANCE 
Inv 113
, h 36 w 27. Original price $1550.00
on sale 30% off for $1085.00

I love using these old beauties as art as in the picture above. The distressed nature of the frame just adds to the beauty.

This 19th century period Louis Philippe gold leaf mirror from France has MERCURY glass.  In person you can see the beautiful aged glass but the inside always gets edited out for the photos.  I can send pictures if you need.....
H 57", w 35" original price $1945.00. FRANCE
On sale 20% off  $1556.00

An antique mirror adds the soul to a modern room....

Fresh white walls and the warmth of all those antique mirrors....

Available 19th century gold leaf mirror FRANCE
H 28 w 25 d 4 original price $725.00
On sale 30% off  $507.50

Antique painted bevelled glass triangle....mercury glass.
H 19 1/2 w 33  original price $325.00
On 30% off sale $225.00

This shape is wonderful to add architectural interest to any room.....

19th century gold leaf mirror all wood carved
H 26 3/8 w 22 1/4 d 3. Original price $625.00
On 30 % off sale - $437.50
Wonderful on its own or in a collection salon style....

MERCURY glass 19th century gold leaf mirror, FRANCE wonderfully aged.
H 25 w 22 originally $695.00
On 20% sale  $550.00

Special formal powder room, antique mirror on new mirror.

18th century carved wood MERCURY glass mirror
Elements of paint make this one REALLY special...
H 47 w 31 original price $2600.00 FRANCE
On 25% off sale  $1950.00

Period French gilded empire mirror with green.
H 32 w 19 original price $675.00.  FRANCE
On 30% off sale   $472.50.    

Graceful fluted half columns...

This room is spectacular, I think it's by designer Phoebe Howard. Modern chairs, an antique bench and fragment table, wonderful x windows and that mirror!!  The ceiling is wonderful....

Available and easily creating the look above is this 19th century magnificent Louis XV French mirror with MERCURY glass. FRANCE
H 60 inches w 40 inches original price $2900.00
ON SALE FOR 40% off  $1745.00

The scrolly nature of this mirror, above, softens all the hard lines of the artwork. Similar mirror, below.

19th century carved giltwood mirror.
Inv 113, h 36 w 27. Original price $1550.00
on sale 30% off for $1085.00

I LOVE an old painted mirror as in the picture above and available, below....

19th century painted trumeau mirror with raised wood carving
H  51 1/2 w 29 3/4. FRANCE original price $2100.00
On 20% off sale-$1680.00

This mirror is perfect for that narrow "end of the hallway" spot.
 Looks even better with a small bench underneath .
Carved mirror with MERCURY glass in French grey.
H 53 w 19 1/2. FRANCE original price $695.00
On 20% off sale   $550.00

This small wall has great impact with its antique mirror.......Probably placed near the outside door for a quick appearance check on your way out.

And sheer luxury in your bathroom., above.....

In the guest room, daughter's room or the master bedroom a French mirror is pure romance.

Vintage French mirror, layered painted finish
H 43 w 24
Original price $1100.00
On 40% off sale -$660.00

This period Art Deco mirror has beveled edges and the metal spacers between each panel.  It can be hung vertically or horizontally and is a focal point in your modern room.
Period Art Deco Mirror
H 60 inches w 36 inches original price $1650.00
ON SALE 50 % off, now $825.00

Available from France
19th century ebonized and gilded sparkly MERCURY glass
Diameter 24"
Original price $1100.00
On 40%off sale  $660.00

19th century eyebrow window with mirror , a wonderful architectural statement
H 22 w 72  original price $825.00
On 25% off sale $615.00

Another old window from Germany with mirror
Add architectural interest to a hallway, over the sofa or even over the bed.
H 21 w 45 1/2 original price $525.00
On 40 % off sale $315.00

Antique tramp art mirror, American, nice deep profile to add texture
H 27 w 23 d 2 1/2
Original price $675.00 on 30% off sale $473.00

19th century gold leaf MERCURY glass mirror FRANCE
H 50 1/2 w 36 1/2  original price $1400.00
On 30% off sale $975.00

Beautiful gold leaf carved wood ripple frame MERCURY glass mirror. FRANCE
The mercury glass has aged so beautifully on this one.
(email me for pics)
H 40 w 34 1/2
Original price $2300.00 on 25% off sale-$1725.00

Gold and silver harmoniously together....

So many mirrors and I didn't even picture them all,
believe it or not.

All the other mirrors in my inventory not noted here are 10% off. I would be happy to send closeup pictures and pictures of the mercury glass so please EMAIL ME.
(always the best way to reach me first). 
The site has been updated with 36 new pieces from my upcoming container.  (Details will be posted when they arrive) The container due in 2 weeks is FULL of wonderful items.  

We are trying something new in our side window at the shop called "Get The Look".
Meredith Guida has taken a picture from Veranda and pulled together the look with our rugs, window panels, furniture and accessories from the shop.  Come take a look when you are in town (Summit, NJ). It's going to be a new feature. Even bring in a favorite picture of your own and we'll pull it together for you with the many resources we have.

Hope to see you! 

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