Friday, December 14, 2012

Special Gifts, Shop Photos and Website Updates!!

The talk at the shop is that this is our best window yet.  Katie outdid herself hand painting black and white walls with the red and green theme.  Old and new blend seamlessly with the modern sofa and antique Napoleon III mohair chairs.

A new game at Trouvaille for the 12 days of Christmas...stop in each day and try your luck at winning gift certificates or a percentage off for the day!  All you have to do is pull from our pick jar and get lucky!

Inside we are bursting with gifts and home accents.  Vintage inspired pillows are $28.00-48.00. I have 10 more of the antique soap dishes with soaps wrapped and ready $6.00. Vintage pottery is hiding in the cabinet.  The antique mercury glass covered Christmas trees are forever Christmas keepsakes.  The Gothic mirror in the back is a new piece on the website.

In my travels I was clotheslined literally flying by a seller with this fantastic jewelry.  If anyone has seen Armenta jewels at Neimans this line will seem familiar.  Oxidized silver pieces, Maltese crosses and the stones and decorations on both sides add to the appeal.  Necklaces can be worn long or doubled ($125.00-$145.00) . Earrings shown are $28.00-$75.00.

Vintage crystal perfume bottles,  silver trays and small art are perfect gifts.

Italian Marble bookends ($145.00 pair) and small porcelains and figures are one of a kind heirloom gifts.

Small framed portrait ($375.00, frameless signed oil landscape $295.00, vintage footed pottery $125.00)

Beautiful European porcelain ($48.00-$285.00) vintage bound music sheets are wonderful tree or vessel decorations ($9.00 ea)

Honeycomb baskets
Antique 33 inches tall, $225.00
Vintage 26 inches tall, $125.00
Antique giltwood letters $48.00-$175.00

Many gifts for the man on your list.  I can't love enough a box as a mans gift. Using one of these 19th century pieces to organize their "stuff" makes them feel important.  If they won't flip over it place something INSIDE they'll love, then use the box on an end table.  The gift that gives to both of you, LOL! The pierced wood tray is 24 inches long, 19th century and $375.00, vintage leather box in front $ 145.00   7 1/2 inches long.  The striped rosewood box has mother of pearl as does the burlwood one underneath $395.00 each. The hand blown Belgian jars $95.00 are filled with Christmas this season.... They can even hold your holiday cards...

The most spectacular box in the shop right now....a VERY special gift.  19th century Turnbridge box from England, tulipwood with burlwood and walnut, intricately inlaid.  Mother of pearl accents with the key and newly restored with beautiful florentine paper inside. Spectacular! $545.00, 24 inches by 9 inches and 6 1/2 inches high.

Love this 19th century walnut French server ($2400.00) that I just brought in, used traditionally in the dining room or as a bar sparkling with glassware and bottles.  I LOVE a piece like this in your all white bathrooms stacked with towels and maybe a tray on top with jars, etc.

The Biedermeier cabinet glass case stands over several antique stools covered in mohair and cowhide ($795.00-$875.00)

A gift for the Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter lover...  23 inch tall vintage hourglass  $175.00.  Also pictured is a black copper lined planter with handpainted gilded bird, $245.00, 2 vintage small Italian mirrors, $95.00 each and an antique crystal brass topped humidor, $125.00

Two large antique silverplated  punch bowls, available, to use as wine coolers .... Online sale price of 325.00 each. (please mention this price when purchasing) antique convex bullseye mirror $695.00, rare script giltwood letter $75.00.

I love the smaller capitals ($445.00 ea.) to place on your bar as a home for glassware.  The vintage set on the right has the most wonderful glasses...a set of 6 glasses with silver stand and slender decanter. (special online price of $265.00) vintage silverplated shaker on left ($85.00)

LOVE naughty glasses with a risque view of the little pinup inside.....GREAT hostess gift and always a hit at your parties!  The Art Deco shaker in silver on the right is a great collectible with its Bakelite handle ($245.00). Other  vintage shakers available from $85.00. Vintage mirrored faux bamboo ebonized table ($375.00)

Marble bowl (48.00), slim modern sculpture on marble ($245.00), vintage family in pottery ($85.00)

I found several small oval vintage ironstone plates which would make terrific hors d'oeuvre plates or individual dining small plates ($8.00 each, 17 available). Silver leaf feet, $110.00, an extra large vintage cake stand, $175.00. The vintage punch cups ($18.00 each, 16 available) are also fun.  I saw them used with a succulent in each placed at plate side and also with a bit of candy for each guest.

Vintage metal apples sparkle, ($48.00 ea.) the small framed French nude sketch in back is one of several available. ($345.00 ea.) nude oil from France ($775.00)

A rare hotel silver teapot large enough to use for cold water ($285.00) and coaster set ($45.00)

Sparkly silver tree ornaments, keys, stars and crowns, ($18.00 ea)

A little Holiday tradition to share with you...days before the holiday dinner I send out an email to ALL the guests with what we call "THE CHRISTMAS QUESTION"
Everyone sends just me their answer and I type up the answers and make copies for each guest.   During cocktail hour the kids hand out a packet of all the answers to each person and they have to write and guess who goes with each question.    
From the youngest to the most senior the answers are varied, heartwarming and HYSTERICAL!!  
One year it was "if you could have one job at the North Pole what would it be and why?"  Another year it was "describe the setting of your fantasy Christmas" ...try it, you'll learn some things you never knew about your family.

Check the website for updates of wonderful furniture all available for immediate delivery. Email me with any questions.

This will most likely be my last blog letter until the New Year.  I want to send heartfelt wishes for holidays full of sheer joy and a year of hope and wonderful things for each and everyone of you.  I am so blessed with your support and know you are the reasons I am able to work at something that brings me such happiness. 
Thank you, thank you!  Happy Holidays!

Warmest regards,

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


My son came home this past weekend for his annual trip to "get the tree".  He is VERY "tree specific", lets call it, but I have to say he must be evolving because when he placed his find in the family room this year the size didn't warrant removing every piece of furniture from the room. HE LIKES IT BIG!!  He does a masterful job of placing each light and then scoots back to the city and I have 2 ladders around old tannenbaum for a month while I try and make it look less like Rockefeller Center and more like home....I truly LOVE Christmas but, probably like you, feel a little stressed with all the opportunities for fun. 

I showed a picture of the store planters last week on the blog and many of you commented on them so I thought I could give you a how- to with my own, above. Very easily done.

I went to our larger garden center and bought
Red branches
2 red artificial fruits I poked on green sticks from the gardencenter
2 picks of artificial magnolia leaves ( love the copper color)
Some cedar branches with seeds
Some cedar branches without seeds
Some evergreen boughs
3 "bricks " of oasis foam

Take the 3 bricks and place them hole side down in water, below

They absorb the water and also are easy to poke with stuff but so is dirt already in your pots.

Cut with a knife to fit.  The planter above is 12 inches in diameter

First the plain cedar

Then add some cedar with the seeds..

Then add the evergreen for some form

Then add the magnolias in the center...the brown color is a nice contrast...and then add.....

red sticks for height.  I really wanted full red berry sprays but they only had short ones.  When I cut them I noticed the garden center had  sprayed healthy branches....the branches weren't even dried out yet .

The should try and find plastic as in very cold weather the foam ones usually crack and show the white styrofoam underneath.

VOILA!! I must add that everything looks great in an antique real stone beautifully aged planter. EMAIL ME for pictures of planters I have available.

I placed an antler to bring a little lightness to it. Pinecones also look great!

Things have been abuzz at the shop. We have a new store window...a black and white themed family room with red and green.  Katie outdid herself again! Thanks Katie!

The shop is FULL of small special accents and gifts....I have been bringing a car load of small items every day.

Several spectacular pieces to use as wine coolers and the 19th century wood Turnbridge box, above, from England, is one of several available.   An antique box is a wonderful gift for the men in your life.  Functional in use for organization of  "his stuff" and also beautiful to add to your decor.  I gave one to my son a few years ago and I'm happy when I see it in his apartment knowing it will be a keepsake that moves right along with him.

Also available are antique mercury glass Christmas trees, rare treasures.

The vintage sheet music makes every bowl look great! 

I am hoping to post some pictures next blog of gifts available (If  I can find the time) as I have found when I give an antique or vintage item they are always the most cherished.
Have a great week!  My decorating will be finished (except the tree!) and baking will begin next week!  I have a question for you like a full "perfect " tree or a Charlie Brown wacky looking tree like I do???? Would love to hear your thoughts...

Warmest regards,

We are open Sundays until Christmas from 12-5

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving recap and a giveaway!

Let me start by saying I had decided I would not click photos for the blog on Thanksgiving. I didn't think you would want to see my family's Thanksgiving again but I received several emails and comments from customers stopping by the store last weekend mentioning how they are looking forward to a recap. I guess I will look at it as a Thanksgiving card to you, sharing the splendid day with you all.

 To inform those newcomers to this blog my sisters and I all live in the same town and for a few years now share the Thanksgiving dinner with each home hosting a different course. A nice tradition is we walk from house to house.  For the cooks, (and I know you all can relate to this) it gives us time between courses to be out of the kitchen and chatting with everyone as we walk
....good bonding time.

My Granddaughter, Madison helped with the prep all day Wednesday (which really means everything took twice as long but was also twice as memorable)...nice socks!

We found this simple table decoration idea on Pinterest and it was perfect for her age of 3.

The trouble is when you are only doing one course you kind of go overboard ...I host the turkey portion and my husband is all about the prep for his fried turkey. He runs around getting the various equipment,  fills the propane tank, shops for the injection marinade which includes beer, honey, butter and 8 different spices and with my sons bring up the big tables and 27 chairs to convert the dining room into a banquet hall.  Also worth mentioning are the calls he gets from me about picking this or that up. I'm still prepping Wednesday night and they set up their nightcap for the evening, above. The party has started....

Danielle's home is abuzz with baking as she is hosting the dessert course.  Thankfully her children took over some of the tasks.

On Thanksgiving day we started at my sister Denise's home.  WELL, she totally outdid herself with the appetizers.  A traditional Italian antipasti looked like a food magazine picture arranged on one of the French breadboards (available)

Her table looked beautiful.  My brother in law made cranberry apple cider martinis and he is also known for his delicious bread we call THE BIGGA, which is in a basket, above.  The BIG hit of her course was the candied bacon, yes you heard that right CANDIED BACON!!  Everyone was dying...

Mix together 1 cup of brown sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon
Dredge each piece of thick cut bacon in sugar mixture and place on rack on cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until done.

She also prepared 2 kinds of homemade crab cakes, my fav...

Deviled eggs.

Stuffed mushrooms and she even made her own herb breadsticks, an apple slice appetizer wrapped in pancetta is to the right. There was a whole other table with goodies I'm forgetting but the pecan baked Brie that she prepared without pastry was delish!   You didn't leave this house without enjoying a favorite .

We continued our walk on to the soup course where I have no pictures of my sister Nicole's magnificent homemade breads and breadsticks :( and Tom's seafood chowder and cream of mushroom soup served in footed porcelain bowls with lions heads.  Wonderful!  The pictures  posted today were sent to me after a shout out for any pics for my blog so they are not complete.

My husband and I with the two birds.  The roasted one (24 pounds roasted in the bag for 3 1/2 hours) where I blended all the chopped herbs with butter and lifted the skin allover and pushed the mixture underneath.  I had my whole hand under the skin!! ..I thought this baby is going to be flavorful!  BUT the consensus is and has been for 2 years that the fried bird (14 pounds and cooks in 35 minutes) tastes so much better. I didn't have turkey until the Saturday afterward and the fried was superior.  We discussed frying 2 next year but how will we make gravy, not to mention presentation?   The fried bird can easily be mistaken for a charred football with 2 black sticks in its side.

Each year my son and husband discuss a different selection with the entree....(last year's turducken was NOT a big seller)  Ryan was out on the deck this year with ANOTHER cooking unit making his shrimp boil, which, in addition to the turkeys, roasted brussel sprouts, bread stuffing and wild rice goat cheese dressing, (Bobby Flay) whipped potatoes (made ahead,)  was mouth watering. My mother makes her homemade cranberry sauce and my favorite, her candied sweet potatoes. Needless to say plenty of leftovers were also enjoyed the next day at my house.

My sister Danielle's home (where we walked down the hill thankfully from mine) had desserts.  Cameras were not out here but I did snap this one of my niece Hilary's homemade samoas and Zoe's terrific cupcakes! Cheesecake, pumpkin soufflé and Italian pastries complimented my brother-in-laws Italian coffee gelato, which was just that...espresso poured over gelato!  I would love to hear about your Thanksgiving traditions and also about your you fry a bird?  How do you make a good gravy??

Sign up to receive talented friend Cindy Potters' blog HERE by Thursday to see how you can enter the giveaway I'm sharing with her readers. Cindy is owner of SHED, an eclectic home furnishings store in Maplewood Village NJ.  (100 Baker Street). She mixes modern and vintage and the unexpected.  The BEST part is her inspirational blog which covers interior design news and trends. When you stop over to her blog make sure you see the latest West Orange home she's magnificent and Cindy was so lucky to be able to photograph it adding to the photos from Elle Decor.  Thank you Cindy.  Good luck to all Cindy's readers!!

Today it was snowing so, "ON TO THE NEXT HOLIDAY!" I just decorated these planters on Saturday and they are the perfect entrance to the offerings inside. New items from the container are brought in each day and I have posted a couple HERE and will post more later this week.

Warmest regards,

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