Saturday, April 18, 2015

NAME CHANGE and Texas trip 2

     As you can see we have changed the store name and logo. Although my first love will always be the enduring quality of antiques,  I wanted the name to reflect ALL the treasures in our expanding ever changing inventory.......vintage accessories and furniture, original art, quality handmade furniture and accessories and new upholstery with beautiful fabrics to add to our stylish collection of antiques .  A little old side by side with your brand new sofas and chairs!

     Our highly curated selection comes together to create a home not like your neighbors. A stylish home that's tasteful but not cookie cutter....a GREAT HOUSE, your house.  A home where you can raise your families and entertain with pride.

      My travels have continued and there are new destinations planned in search of quality and unique cool pieces.

     As we continue to get settled back into the new store after renovating we thank you for visiting and for your warm support and appreciation.

     I had to split my Texas trip blogs up into a couple of posts as there are so many images to share. If you missed the post about our charming farmhouse stay click HERE. The website has been updated with new images but I apologize about missing measurements, etc.....we are so busy we just can't get to it but feel free to EMAIL ME

Round Top, Texas visit part 2....

Nan snapped this winner of our friend at the warehouse !

Everything is BIG in Texas .....anyone remember the Marlboro man??

This French beauty is on its way....the area had a lot of rain so we scooted to the mercantile to nab the last rubber boots in our size.  The mud was DEEP!

Rog gets the credit for spying this beauty behind a tent as we pulled out.

You will be happy to know I didn't buy this. Just want to show you we walk by thousands of pieces before we score a winner!

On its way are rustic pieces....

And very refined.....

The days are long, sweaty and dusty. I was modeling the fringed bag but want to show you how gross I look all day. Its still my favorite thing to do in the world.....treasure hunt!!

The day always ends with laughter and some great wine! 
(Rog looks like a goof ball!)

It's hard to find a seat at night here with the best wine around
at Prost Happy Hour!

Loving this old French piece...

Just a sample of fun mid century accessories...

Several metal desks on their way and cabinets.

There is taxidermy EVERYWHERE!!!

Our favorite waitress, Gail takes care of us at The Oaks. I had 2 bites....Rog ate the whole thing.

That wood!  Can't wait until these arrive....such quality craftsmanship.

We got invited to a beautiful party by our friends at Recycling the Past!

The doors were open and the breezes were beautiful as horses grazed outside and the sun set.  Like a dream!! Here Nan and Rog are pictured with Curtis, the owner of the Arbor Field and Pandora of antique bedding fame.

I have a big hug to Kelly Truesdale from "the Crushlist" who invited us to a special evening. Dining farm to table with selections by the folks at Odelay Texas Brasserie, sipping prosecco, then fantastic local wines chatting with the lovely residents and new friends and ending the evening under the stars "tasting" artisan chocolates and baked treats while being serenaded by the very talented Sahara Smith.

Live edge tables (coming to Great House soon) were the perfect buffet tables . We have these beautiful cheeseboards too!

James and I wearing our Texas finest! I scored my wrap for $20.00 that day!

Rog had just bought these cowboy boots and wore them with his shorts for days....cray cray, but everyone enjoyed the chuckle.

My husband always eats the local he is dining on chicken fried steak and waffle fries. GOD LOVE HIM and his metabolism. I take hard boiled eggs and sunflower seeds for the daytime in the fields while he eats barbecue and my dinners are every form of green salad with chicken. (No justice)

Creativity is everywhere!!

Can't wait for this beauty to arrive at the store!

Split glass mirror! Swoon!

Dozens of great pieces of art are included...


I drooled over this lacquered piece...

And our collection of boot finds!! You just have to!
If you want to know when the new shipment arrives please follow me on Facebook and /or Instagram. I am thinking I will open the warehouse for a day when the truck will receive notice on Facebook and Instagram.

Can't wait to go back to Texas.....we feel like kids when we are there!! Thank you Round Top guys know how to do it!

New Sissy jewelry finds from the Texas trip have arrived at Great House Bonny Neiman, stop by.  Also, the website has been updated HERE but not with Texas finds yet!!

SAVE THE DATE!! Girls Night in Summit May 14th. A fun night full of drinks, prizes, music and specials all over town!!!

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Talk to you soon,

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Our stay in Texas!!!

Howdy y'all!! I'm back from Round Top, Texas after 2 weeks of the best treasure hunt ever!! Just a bit of background on why I was there. Round Top, population 90, swells to thousands a couple of times a year to host a huge antiques show. My husband and I love an active vacation and our trips to Texas prove to be one of our favorite spots in the USA.

It's such a small town there aren't a lot of places to stay but we met a great gal the last time we were down (at the wine bar, of all places) and, of course, keeping with their famous southern hospitality she invited us to stay at her place.

Although Donna is not a professional innkeeper or designer her rustic warm and artistic property was the perfect place for us to return to after a day of trudging through the flea market fields. I will feature the Prairie Cottage where Rog, Nan and I stayed here and then a later blog will feature "The Dancing Bear Cabin" where my sister and brother in law stayed when they visited us one weekend.

The old fence and porch swing (which we used) added to the picture perfect setting. Rosemary bushes lined the landscape bed and filled the air as we passed into the cottage.

Sculptures and interesting vessels were scattered around the 11 acre property.

Small charming outbuildings feature local art, books and sculptures.  Of course Roger loved Donna's antique pickup. Donna's loving hand spread warmth and care throughout.

"NOT KIDDING....we bathed in the bedroom, country style!!"

A pond, where we watched ducks cruise around, also had an important bronze sculpture. Loved the vintage cottage cloth on the table.

The entry hall with inspirational mirror and stadium seats.

We always love a note and fresh flowers! The dark tarnished silver was perfect!!

Entry hall...

 So true.....

We had coffee and our daily route meeting here with Nan each morning.  Our hostess was sweet enough to make sure Rog had his espresso each day.

Beautiful linen sofa and the lamp had glass negatives hung with the chains. I loved the unexpected nature of the cocktail table. Of course, gun themes are everywhere in Texas. (Pillow)

Slipcovers and folk art!!  Is there anything better in the country??

Isn't our cottage bedroom perfect? The folk art over the bed is of Adam and Eve and I am happy to say I have a white wooden pear in the shipment.

The side table used was an outdoor iron garden table which I also have in the shipment.

The chandelier was made from doorknobs, escutcheons, chains and antique keys... So FUN!...

There was no shower inside but our room had a claw foot tub!


The bedding was cozy country soft !!

Potpourri hangs from the sculptural hook!

I used the outdoor shower when it wasn't really cold and I loved how the back was open. I also have a stone torso in the shipment !

Had to wash my hair in the sink a couple of times, but who cares?

Nan's quarters were up these stylish and STEEP ebonized stairs. 

She had ample space with a private bath and tub and the mouse in the wall didn't even mind he had guests. Everything looked fresh in shades of black and white. The duvet was a charcoal linen.

One of the buildings on the property had a curved metal entry and this gorgeous lantern.

Inside was beautiful art.....every detail was so very inspirational.

A touch of whimsy is so refreshing and one of the reasons I love this area of Texas. The people know how to have fun and don't take themselves too seriously.

There is lots of taxidermy in Texas!

Rog sported an appropriate mustache and we found cowboy boots for him too! DAMN he looks like a cowboy!!  Of course I had to get another pair! We are grateful for Donna's sweet hospitality at her No. 3 in the country. It was hard to leave and look forward to seeing old and new friends again soon.

New Sissy jewelry finds from the Texas trip have arrived at Great House Bonny Neiman, stop by.  Also, the website has been updated HERE!
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Talk to you soon,

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