Monday, August 11, 2014

Pizza Vita Birthday!

If you have followed my blog for awhile you know by now how important the role of food is in our family gatherings. My husband thinks it's hard to have a satisfying dining experience outside of our homes with what is created in our kitchens. Cooking and eating delicious fresh food is a passion we all share.
My son Ryan's big birthday was approaching and sweet Hannah, his girlfriend, wanted to party!! As a side note Hannah finds a way to celebrate even a good sneeze so, even though Ryan just wanted to celebrate his day by working on his car, she wasn't letting the day pass without a party!  ENTER THE PIZZA TRUCK!!!

Pizza Vita is right around the corner from my store in Summit, NJ.  It is a hip pizzeria and restaurant featuring the best Neapolitan food....pizzas, pastas, salads, even homemade gelato!  And then the pizza went mobile and started winning food truck wars, Munchmobile accolades and long lines at farmers markets ...they even did a stint on the Today Show!  Well the truck pulled up outside the garage and within 5 minutes owner Rocco Flores and
Matt Bowman (pictured above) were cranking out the most delicious Neapolitan thin crust pizza you have EVER eaten. (NOT KIDDING!!)

An instant party like atmosphere was created when it rolled in but it didn't just look tasted great, as well. The team is trained and certified using ingredients and methods in accordance with the controlled association from their Neapolitan homeland. MORE

They personalized and named the pizzas after discussing toppings with the "oh so fussy " birthday boy (where did he get THAT from?) ....Hannah got to wear her party dress and Ryan got to wear his summer mechanics outfit and family and friends with a discerning palate were VERY impressed!!

The RYAN pizza had eggplant, spinach, roasted peppers, homemade mozzarella and ricotta....I want one NOW!!

The birthday boys latest pastime...the KIT CAR!

Everyone enjoyed hearing about his kit car adventure. As his mother I was overjoyed when he sold his motorcycle but NOW I lie awake wondering how this guy, who never took a shop class, feels qualified to put together a fast car and plans on DRIVING and RACING IT!!! WHY?? Does the maternal worrying ever end??

Jake loved the rolling cart.

In addition to the pizzas the colorful lentil salad I made was a hit...easy easy  recipe  HERE

Roger's 1955 Chevy pickup truck and Sam Selimo's Harley appropriately added to the event.

Keeping with the theme Ryan lit his candles with a blow torch.

His high school friends and little? brother on the left shared the day...

And, as planned, it wasn't easy but he started the "car" for the first time. He was thrilled!!! His smile brought back the little boy I remember. Time just flies and I told him I don't know how he's getting older because I'm getting younger, HA!

Pizza Vita owner Rocco Flores loves sharing all the details of his fantastic restaurant he heads with Ernesto Santorelli. Rocco had a not so surprising attraction to the antique oven peels on a recent visit to the warehouse. It's a treat when he stops by and we share the passions of what we do!

Pizza Vita is located at 7 Union Place in Summit, NJ.
It's all about the beautiful oven at the restaurant handmade piece by piece from volcanic rock of Mt. Vesuvius but every detail has been attended to by this dynamic team.  A meal shared at Pizza Vita is another great reason to visit's a great town! CLICK for a good read and more info on having the Pizza Truck at your event!

I don't like to say it but, even though there are weeks left to the summer, I know your thoughts may be turning to Back to School shopping.  I have bought a few backpacks and thought it would be nice if you could pick up an extra notebook or pack of pens or another standard school supply for elementary school or something and I could put backpacks together to donate locally. Some families are feeling the pinch of what turns into a big expense. It may be a nice conversation when shopping with your kids as you ask them to grab an extra folder or 2 and also may make them a little more tuned in to the many different lives we all lead. LET'S DO IT!! Sometimes we are all overwhelmed at the holidays so I know all you locals will respond for this good cause. It's even easier to drop off as you don't have to worry about parking at the warehouse because we are enjoying the parking lot attached.
It feels good to help!

  Happy summer!
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