Monday, September 22, 2014

Hittin' the trail to TEXAS!!

  Well as you read this I am high tailin' it outta New Jersey on my way to Texas!! Can't wait to see what the artisans, artists and antique dealers have brought to the show.  I will be posting every day on Instagram and Facebook so keep in
touch ......this trip guarantees experiences with the most fun and creative people in the country and Nan's coming too.!!!  YEAH!!!  So far her suitcase was over the weight limit and while giving Roger some of her "stuff" to transport revealed she had 3 huge ziploc bags FULL of large size toiletries, makeup enough for 12 super models and a gigantic toothpaste still in the box! Should be a fun trip!

I am showing you a throwback here from my last visit.......
 Everyone has a camper...     
Zapp Hall, the location of the Junk Gypsies prom!       

 I know Lone Star will be cranking it out all day...     

 Rog is really my next life I will have his metabolism.       
 L.I.T.S. Stands for "Like it tough SH*T"     

  Always colorful!     
 The warehouse will remain open 6 days a week from 10:30-5:30 sisters are even showing up in Summit to work it! I am expecting a delivery there today and all week of great things so be sure to stop by.

Giddy UP!!      

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
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Monday, September 8, 2014

A wonderful Long Table night!!!

Our first Long Table event was a fantastic success! The warehouse came alive as interested guests enjoyed dining surrounded by art, antiques and beautiful floral design.

We seated 60 guests at our stylishly eclectic table and everyone made quick friends as they shared the delicious farm to table meal family style. The feedback exceeded our expectations with guests commenting how special it was to experience such a unique event so close to home.

We met coincidentally when I saw a small arrangement by Jaime of Parker's Petals at a nearby store.  I called her up to to inquire "where are you?? I've never seen anything like this beautiful creation before!!" She stopped by the warehouse the next day with her friend Helaine Winer with a gorgeous arrangement in hand.  Helaine, a social marketing business owner, owns Dot 2 Dot and is one of those rare types of people that within 5 minutes of meeting you has given you 24 ideas you should do and if you did 2 of them you would thank her forever. With her pensive look Helaine mentioned Carolyn Hough of Panetica, whom I had heard is this wonderful chef magically creating memorable meals in Summit and that we should all meet and we did. When my dear friend and tireless adviser,  Nan DiEdwardo got together with Helaine they almost blew the roof off the building with their ideas as they offered one after the other.  Your head goes back and forth like you are at a tennis match as their excitement and brilliance bounces around. Within a couple of weeks we all kept doing more and more and presented this wonderful Long Table Event right here in Summit!
Go HERE to see the menu.

My husbands 1955 pickup set the mood at the door as guests arrived at dusk. Thankfully I never saw the picture Helaine took from the backside of me in my dress arranging the plants! (Some things should NEVER be seen and her discretion is one of the reasons we became fast friends)

There were name tags for your wine bottles at the bar!

Fun loving group!

It was so special to share my treasure filled place with everyone.

A real handsome group of people!

We thank Jennifer Lavelle for her photography AND her enjoyable company.

All available candelabras graced the table.

Carolyn is truly amazing not only making a sumptuous dinner for 60 but making all the breads and crackers from scratch too!  Don't they look beautiful in the elk antler?

I have dozens of hotel silver bowls and they contrast so wonderfully with the rustic breadboards and cheeseboards. P.S. Can you believe Carolyn handmade ALL of this?

Her focaccia breads on an antique zinc sifting screen were delicious!

A vintage punch bowl is not only a wine cooler but displays fresh crudités.

This is a vintage enamel bread bin Carolyn repurposed.....

Carolyn in business mode over her famous handmade sourdough breads, above. She has carried the starter across the world with her as she has lived in several places. 

This pic is a personal favorite....nice one Jennifer!

Sourdough bread served in an old scale bin...

Jaime from Parker's Petals was at the warehouse for days happily creating eye catching arrangements.  Great photography Jennifer...LOVE this table made from a 19th century door.

Old stone platters were useful centerpieces....don't you love moss?

New Artisan and vintage married beautifully together...

The past several months have been such happy times for me in business and it was a true pleasure to partner with these hard working creative women with the simple idea of sharing our passion for authenticity in what we do with the community.
Jaime's proud smile, above, says it all for all of us.

Here Carolyn dollops her ginger whipped cream on each one of the 60 handmade plum gallettes! She is incredible!!

A truly happy crowd!!

The candles burned low and everyone felt good about being the first attendees of our Long Table event. Okay so they aren't pioneers but when something's good it's always fun to say "I was there!"HA!

Heather Cundey, editor of the prestigious The Scout Guide Northern New Jersey, was in attendance and gifted each guest with a guide to their favorite city.  Thank you Heather and also for sharing the talented Jennifer Lavelle with us.

The Team
Top left to right...Carolyn Hough of Panetica, Adrienne Petrino, our dining staff captain, Jaime Chesley of Parker's Petals
Bottom left to right, Helaine Winer, Bonny Neiman, Nan DiEdwardo

We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun working on this for you and have a meeting next week to plan the next!   Like LongTableNJ on Facebook to be the first to receive notice of the next Long Table event date. I will also provide up to the minute notice on my Facebook page here.
To reach Helaine email her at

Lots happening at the warehouse with dozens of new items being unwrapped daily. Follow me on Instagram and like us on Facebook to see daily pictures and notice of pop up specials. 
see you soon....

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
315 B Springfield Avenue | Summit, NJ