Monday, July 29, 2013

NEW SHOP ARRIVALS and MARKET FUN on our street!!

     Lots of new arrivals at the shop.  Our Swedish relaxed, but important, entry hall is full of wonderful rare pieces.


  The chevron vintage lucite bench makes it current.
Vintage Lucite Bench, newlycovered
Inv. 396, H 17 16.5 square

  The deep molding of this vintage round mirror looks great on our citrus green entry.

 Vintage Painted Wood Round Mirror
Inv. 377, H 40 diam 4.25

  The antique wicker trunk (36 inches wide) from France is on sale for $345.00
 Colorful cotton Kantha throws are $85.00


 Just placed on the floor is the period Louis Phillippe bookshelf.  With so current X form sides its easy to see how every new style is inspired by old designs. 

Antique Louis Phillippe Bookcase
Inv. 257, H 44.75 w 49 d 17.5

 The twist porcelain vases on the bookshelves are my new favorite artisan pieces.  Such beautiful glazes in a light blue, a soft green and neutral white.  $245.00 each. Notice the artisan iron sconce on the right with quatrefoil design in a grey distressed finish .
 $645.00 pair with the shades.   

  The newly framed horse photograph of a handsome white stallion splashing through the water is making a big hit. It is a Canadian horse,  40 x 40 I had the photographer enlarged it for me. $1100.00  

  The mid century chests, above have brass feet and great design with the lacquered bases.  They would make wonderful end tables for the sofa or bedside.  On sale for readers from $1,450.00 to $985.00 pair.  Many oil paintings are also on display both small, above and large, below. (Get the REAL thing)

  19th century French walnut table/desk with drawer on sale from $2,200.00 to $1,700.00


  19th century walnut demilune on sale for 825.00. Always lots of white ironstone and creamware on display.  Plates and platters are on sale and the tureen . 

 Danish modern brass and wood bar cart and our comfy club chairs ready for immediate delivery.   

  The vintage lucite (HEAVY) table contrasts the antique campaign chest.  In the foreground is one of the 2 indoor teak tables available.

  Lots of affordable white books covered in French writing paper and also covered in linen and vellum.

  19th century demilune on sale for $1,100.00 from $1,950.00. The lantern on the floor from Visual Comfort will get hung tomorrow.  It comes in several finishes and is discounted 22%! Wonderful soft Brazilian cowhides in stock

  The maps including Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard would look great placed next to each other as they are continuous....from 1860, very special.

This 18th century commode from France has an important yet relaxed presence and looks wonderful with the light neutrals including the mohair covered bench, shown. The bundled books are $28.00 a set of 3.  

  The worn architectural piece is one of my favorites.  I see it behind a modern sofa or in a two story room.

 Danish modern rosewood lingerie chest is finished with beautiful hardware.  The Heywood Wakefield channel upholstered bench with the spider legs is one of several modern pieces available.  

 Wine tasting table, $1,500.00, holds special boxes and the 6 drawer general store piece has deep restored drawers to help with everything under your wall mounted television, a steal at $795.00.  

 Vintage framed swimsuits..$750.00 and the artisan made cast hanging stone white leaves add texture ($145.00 each) these made quite a big hit when a designer used them at the shore Showhouse.  Only 2 left!
Silver flatware from France is 20% off.  Used as dinnerware or serving pieces they add a unique European quality to your table.

The artisan iron bench also comes in an end table and cocktail table.  Pine server is $1,800.00  

 One of the many oil paintings from Belgium...framed for $825.00

English pine bench, $750.00.  

  18th century William and Mary bachelors chest...

 Dreamy Antique Swedish corner cabinet....

 A BIG BUZZ ON OUR STREET!!!  Thursday afternoons are the best time to visit the shop...we now have a top rated farmers market on Beechwood Road from 2:30 open until 8 pm can do your food shopping after you stop by my store!!!  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to avoid the food store and stroll and pick everything from fruits and vegetables to FRESH FISH that was swimming in Barnegat that same morning!!  Those smart local guys have been seen grabbing a floral bouquet when they get off the train from the city to take home with them....totally painless!

Some of the many vendors , below....  

 Several local farms have BEAUTIFUL vegetables...even the hard to find veggies often found at the best restaurants.

 I was drooling here and many of you know it's hard to find good fresh bread close to home!  

 You can make your own 20 stem bouquets for $10.00!!  

  Brownie Points is there, too!  We are lucky enough to have Brownie Points permanently right across the street although I pretend not to see them...their duffins are to die for (combination donut muffin)  as well as ALL their creations.

 MOSEFUND FARM, The King of Lard!   Their Mangalista burgers and roasts had the biggest hit with my family. The taste is remarkable as the products come from pasture based farming, with locally raised feed and grazing and having the highest quality diet.  The meat is healthier!

I hope you will patronize the vendors, I'm so proud to have them right here.  Thursdays, from 2:30-8pm on Beechwood Road in Summit, NJ.

Warmest regards,

Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items
EMAIL ME with any questions.

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


HOT HOT HOT!!!!  Well, finally got out to the beach this weekend and it felt great to put my feet up.  I have been going full speed seven days a week for months and really needed it.  We took the ferry to Shelter Island and joined the "beautiful people" pretending to be in St. Tropez at Sunset Beach for cocktails and dinner.    

When we got there my niece and I immediately noticed everyone was wearing an unflattering layer of sweat with their backless dresses as its open air and since there was no air moving , hotter than blazes.  It was still fun to people watch and we had some good laughs.  DEFINITELY a scene!!!  

HEY!!! HERE we are......SNORT!!!  

No matter where you end up on the weekends it's always nice to be a great house guest and show up with a memorable gift. Since no one really needs another"life is better at the beach " plaque I have on hand great house gifts that I'm sure will be appreciated.


 I always like to give useful gifts and when they are vintage retro one of a kind, your hostess will truly think YOU are the mostest and you'll score big on the re-invite list.

Vintage Collins glasses with fruit design set of 6 - $64.00
Fish serving bowl $34.00. (New, 2 available)  

 Available -vintage red etched sailboat glasses, $65.00 set of 7
Vintage creamware nautilus bowl $85.00  

AVAILABLE - 6 vintage highball glasses and ice bucket $85.00 set
Vintage orange pitcher $58.00
Vintage green glass cooler bottle used for coins $54.00  

AVAILABLE - vintage floral Collins glasses $54.00 set of 6
Cotton Kantha throws $85.00 ea. I love my throw as a summery splash of color and also when they crank the air conditioning feels better than a knit in summer.  

AVAILABLE - Vintage painted red apple glasses $54.00 set of 6
Antique terracotta cheese board from France $64.00


 In addition to great gifts many items to make hosting your guests memorable and unique.  

 This tub, available, is the perfect wine cooler.  I'm always loving that zinc grey color
h 13 w 33 d 23   $ 225.00  

 White slipcovers and wicker spell summer...  

 AVAILABLE and on sale - antique wicker trunk from France
A great table in the living area or at the foot of the bed to hold extra blankets and beach towels.
H 22 3/4 w 36 d 20 1/2 from $445.00 now $345.00  

 JUST IN AND READY for immediate delivery.....our most comfortable club chairs with bliss down cushions.  We LOVE these because of the BIG comfort factor but their tapered modern arm doesn't make them appear OVERSIZED as so many club chairs do. The most stylish and comfortable chair! The dressmaker detail finishes the look with flanged trim.
$1655.00 each with our standard 25% off discount.   

 In the entry or mudroom everyone needs hooks for all the towels and hats....  

 I found this shelf in France and its on sale from $395.00,
now $275.00

 19th Century Architectural shelf with Coat Hooks
Many layers of paint
 H 14 w 40 d 6



 AVAILABLE - 19th century tall ship with original sales and dingy!
H 18 w 37 d 3 3/4-  $395.00  

 AVAILABLE - LARGE white basket from the south of France
H 15 w 40 d 28 1/2. $ 265.00  

One of several arts available to transport you to a dreamy place...
Original impressionist landscape, artist signed
24 x 24, $595.00  

 One of my favorite warm pieces is the 19th century English settle,
above currently in our store window.
19th Century Pine Settle ENGLAND
H 61.75 w 52.75 d 18
Originally $2,200.00, special sale for blog followers $1,800.00  

 A party seems special when the space is shared with something unique as the barn, above.  Sometimes I just pile dinner into a basket midweek and scoot down the hill to the lake to sit at the picnic table near the water. Even when the meal is leftovers it feels special next to the lake. Do you have a special outdoor spot?   

With daily new arrivals its hard to keep up and show you everything....wish I could. The shop window has a redesign to show a comfortable, yet important entry hall featuring Swedish and Gustavian furniture. Stop by!

Just in are 2 framed vintage swimsuits, framed antique fern prints, maps of Nantucket and pieces back from the upholsterer both antique and mid century.  Hope to see you soon......

Warmest regards,

Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items
EMAIL ME with any questions.

Bonny Neiman Antiques & Artisan 
12 Beechwood Road  Summit, NJ
 Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30
In summer the shop is closed on Mondays but you can always reach me by email HERE