Friday, February 21, 2014

GO USA!!! Website updates and a ski story!

Just a quick note and sale to cheer our athletes on to GOLD as they compete on their final weekend!!  Available are 3 black framed vintage flags, normally priced at $245.00 on OLYMPIC SALE for $185.00  h16 w 22. Great heirloom art to hang in the boys room too.

In addition, the website has been updated HERE including 2 gorgeous mercury glass mirrors we just uncrated from France.  More updates very soon.  Instagram is the very best way to see pieces the moment they are unboxed .

We went skiing in Stratton, Vermont last weekend and had a ball.....there were 18 family members, including  my parents who are in their 80's.  My father found out too early about the trip and expressed refusal or as some of you may call it sensibility.  Why we would head for more snow when we have so MUCH snow seems crazy but as you may know we book these homes months in advance. I don't know how my mother talked him into it (she's always ready to go everywhere) but he looks happy as we pulled away, doesn't he?

The rental home was spectacular with ample rooms, some even closing off to hallways with rustic barn sliding doors.  It had antler chandeliers, a moose, antique snowshoes, hot tub, the works!

Double sided stone fireplace.

My father always rules the gin games....

WELLLLLL the ladies must have left their brains in the woodbin because feeling like Olympians competing in Nordic Combined we took off into the woods in VERY deep snow to blaze new trails. I had no coat!  (BRILLIANT!)  
We climbed hills, took some spills, laughed a lot and felt like snow dopes as the sun started to turn and it became evident we were truly lost. As we continued to track through thinking we could come to "something"  I explained to my niece there are 2 types of experiences....a REALLY good time or a REALLY good story.  Counting on our survival we felt this would be the latter although after 2 snowmobilers rescued us it seemed as if we had a blast!

As only wives can we had one quip after another how no one answered their phones back at the ski house but it didn't matter anyway because we had positively no idea where we were.  As it it turns out, from Stratton Mountain we had gone 10 miles and were almost to Bromley!!! I couldn't believe how outright dumb I coat AND no phone.  (My feeling when I'm with my big sisters is I don't need my phone because they take care of everything.)  I did get blamed for making the statement early on "oh I don't want to go back the same way we came!"  Whoops!  For once they listened to me! (Guess I should get used to never calling the shots again)

Back at the ski house my brother in law, Tom kept vigil at the commercial stove cranking out one delicious dish after another. He even woke the entire house up at 6 am clanging pots while making homemade cinnamon donuts....they were worth it!

Truly a great weekend! How are YOU enjoying the snow???

Thanks for all your great emails and comments!

Warmest regards,

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


While flying through the store recently my head turned and I thought "he looks familiar"....WELLLLL hit me with a brick why don't you, a RED brick by the way!!

Atlanta born designer Miles Redd has been featured in every major design magazine and most recently honored as one of Architectural Digest's AD 100 for the third year in a row! Since 1990 Architectural Digest has been naming the world's preeminent architects and designers to a select group known as the AD100. An arbiter of excellence, this exclusive list recognizes establishment icons and enterprising trailblazers whose work is as inspiring as it is influential.

And he was shopping HERE!! So happy to see him I was gushing! He humbly agreed to a photo with me and was such a sweetheart, hence the special at the bottom of the page!

Pictured above is his sister's brilliant dining room.
Lucky girl!  I guess she didn't torture him as a child.

"Miles Redd is known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour.  His unique aesthetic vision is characterized by playful melanges of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of color and modern gestures"

Hallway above was INSPIRED BY YVES KLEIN'S BLUE PAINTINGS...gorgeous blue....the door looks leather!

A Southampton summer home.

"Miles Redd embarked on his interior design career after graduating from NYU , honing his skills with luminary antiques dealer John Rosselli and decorator Bunny Williams."

Miles comments on the photo, above "MY BATHROOM DOUBLES AS AN ENTERTAINING SPACE". I had heard rumors of this and he clarified the truth to it.....I LOVE HIM FOR THIS!!  I don't know if we should try this in our own homes...

In 1998 he opened his own design firm in New York City's NoHo neighborhood.

A FUN HOUSE IN MILLBROOK.  I love the color of the leather chairs with the amber hurricanes. The books in the bookcase look real to me which I appreciate. "What I mean is the books look as though they have been read, not deliberately placed"

Black, gold and!

That's real fox fur, folks!  Sumptuous!!

This is the same hallway and a great example of those of you thinking your beautiful antique rugs can't look current. The runner on the stairway complimenting the chair upholstery  and then contrasting with the walls makes this entry so rich and stylish but lived in.

I love this mirror placement...

I also love Miles' use of architecturals as art.  I always suggest this, it adds interest along with the wicker trunk and chair.

I also appreciate the uneven placement of the art and original charcoal drawings.

He has a way of creating perfection without it looking as such. See the ripples in the art when the light hits it?? That's old and REAL! Notice the casual placement of pillows....

"His trademark approach to design has brought to life rooms infused with boldness, fantasy, and sophistication."

Love the banquette!

This room, above, can teach us a lot. So many traditional elements but yet the room looks current!   WHY? First the FANTASTIC lacquered wall......notice how it doesn't have to be a wild color but that shine is so dramatic.  Second is the upholstery choice on the traditional English arm club chairs, a current look. And lastly the impressionist cow painting!  FUN!!

This room above should give courage to so many of you who struggle with updating your comfortable traditional look.  It also should satisfy those husbands who like tradition.  I REALLY love this room.

I thought you would like to see what Miles was interested in from my current inventory, above.

I am happy to now offer Miles beautiful design book THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC, $75.00.   Please email me if you would like a signed copy from Miles. In addition, for a little fun and to celebrate this sweetheart visiting I am offering 15% off anything in the store that's RED this Friday, Valentine's Day. Have some fun when you visit finding the many items that include RED!!

VALENTINE'S DAY!! TAKE 15% off anything RED!!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Another great trip to Paris!!

 I started my recent trip to paris with THE most delicious meal. It was later in the evening and I hadn't eaten for hours and while my husband had a snack (wonderful cheeses) I was blissfully delighted with my selection....French toast brioche with brown sugar, cinnamon and caramel ice cream. HEAVEN!!  Many people research restaurants and plan out each night but we like to just walk and take a chance with small places and make the best of it. We have never been disappointed.

 The weather was FREEZING and the next day I had squash soup with creme fraiche and Rog had the signature lunch of France...croque Monsieur which is grilled cheese with ham. How cute is that baguette!

 I also enjoyed escargots ....I can smell the garlic still.  

The breads are divine and as usual with the French, visually inspiring.


At the end of each day in France a baguette is the staple accessory!  

 The competition was fierce at a local auction...  

It was VERY hot in the gallery but this dapper gentleman managed to don 4 layers AND a hat. He doesn't look happy though.   Parisians take their appearance so seriously and I love the people watching.  

This French woman (tres chic) worked the phones for hours and charmed the anxious bidders on the other end.  She was as interesting to watch as the treasures on the auction block.  

In the market fresh flowers are delivered even to the most modest of dealers booths.  

 We have stayed in many different arrondissements over the years but prefer the left Bank. We usually stay at Hotel de Buci which is in a great fun area, very lively with many good small restaurants and the Sunday farmers market right outside.  I wanted a slightly bigger room this time so we opted for the Luxemborg Parc, a beautiful small hotel a couple of blocks from de Buci.  

 Like many hotels in very charming.  

 The scene outside the hotel.  

 The room had 2 balconies and  18th century hand hewn beams...  

LOVE these chairs and I have one available in the new shipment


Roger measured this impressive beam to tell his builder friend the size.  


The bathroom was gorgeous with the marble contrasting with the rustic beams.  


 A nice restaurant in the area....   
The Luxembourg Parc had a beautiful inner courtyard 

As well as hunting for treasures to bring home France is always so inspiring visually...  


 This beauty is available...  

 2 of the several benches in the new shipment ready for upholstery.  

 This available walnut bookcase is spectacular and is only about 9 inches deep...  

The Swedish sideboard, above is already looking great at the shop.  Many of you know how hard these are to find. I will be continuing to unwrap pieces....this weekend I brought 2 mirrors to the shop as well as several pieces of furniture. Smaller items have been unpacked at the store everyday and already have found homes. It's been so VERY busy and I've been taking up to the minute photos on Instagram each day.  CLICK HERE, its easy and the best way to be the first to see new arrivals.....sign up to follow Bonny Neiman.
Next time I will include new shop photos ....would love to see you there.   We are now closing at 4 on Mondays so call first if you are coming late in the day because you will find us after 4 on Mondays only by chance.

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