Sunday, August 25, 2013

New arrivals and summer roundup.


 Hi all...we just created a whole window display of sale pieces at the shop as we make plans for Fall. Furniture, art, pillows ... even the white Swedish clock is marked down.  Hope to see you before I head out for one last hurrah at the beach and then BRIMFIELD BOUND, (still so much fun!). 

You will want to find a moment to check out Joni's latest from Cote de Texas blog.  She always shares such valuable pointers on how to create stylish and comfortable rooms.  Don't miss it! Click HERE.
Below is a semi photo album of summer which always passes so quickly.  Enjoy your last week of super sun! Go to new items HERE.







The CRONUT!!  








































Hope you have been able to enjoy some summer....  

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Now THIS is a New Jersey Housewife!!

 Just a reminder SHARK WEEK SALE continues at the shop with all things coastal marked down 20%... Framed vintage swimsuits, summer pillows, ship art, anything with shells, boats, shore birds, etc.
Over a year ago I visited Jenny's home when it was one of several spectacular houses on a local house tour.  I fell instantly in love!   I loved that it shows you don't have to have a huge home to live surrounded by beautiful things.   Jenny, a professional artist, along with designer Amy Goldy, created a REAL home where chic style and comfort beautifully coexist.  The duo had such a terrific time collaborating on the Reinhardt home Jenny now is assistant style consultant to Amy Goldy.  Talented DUO!!
 How cute is their dog, Django Reinhardt, named after the French
Jazz musician. There were also a couple of cats around rubbing my legs while I was alone taking pictures. Sometimes I just have to giggle. 

Jenny LOVES white fences and blue hydrangea.  The arbor gate leads to the backyard FULL of  hydrangea and other plantings. The potted tomato plants add to the life of this home. Don't you just LOVE a magnificent tree, above.
P.S.  have you tried these expandable hoses yet in the light green above?  I have one... worth the $20.00 although I hear they don't last forever.  Also, no offense but why didn't they make them a dark color to blend in?  As my mother likes to say "we have to do everything!"  

Entry shown above with a view into the dining room. A demilune table is always a good solution for a tight space......More available HERE.  LOVE the bust which may look familiar to many of you who contacted me after Jenny nabbed it.  The antique giltwood mirror !
A series of antique Lorraine prints are hung on the left .

On the wall opposite the demilune table are these beautiful small oil paintings inherited from her Grandmother. Original art is hung throughout the home including pieces by Jenny and her talented mother. Using original art in your homes is the BEST way to teach a love of art and all things beautiful to your children. 

 With back in living room a view into the dining room.

  A beautiful oil painting by David Larned but I can't keep my eyes off the window treatments.....LOVE this color. Amy Gold, the designer walked in with this Pierre Frey  fabric and Jenny just said "perfect!"
A great combination .....tuned in designer AND a decisive client.


The butlers pantry....

The tea set from her father-in-law and oil painting from her Grandmother add warmth to the hard clean surfaces of the beautiful butlers pantry.

Jenny and Amy, with cabinet designer Susan Obercian, created this fantastic kitchen.   The duo worked to create contrast in materials rather than color.  Ever popular white cabinets and marble look unique and warm with the addition of the antique table and chairs.

 The 19th century Epicerie sign was a favorite at my shop. The carved piggy went "wee wee wee " all the way from Jennys mom's home to her mantle.  What we do for our children!   

Subtle marine edge on the 2 inch thick statuary marble.  The towel bar is a useful addition.  

Amy gifted Jenny with these beautiful bowls knowing her LOVE of turquoise. The Bonnard pic, behind them, Jenny found in her beloved Grandmother's kitchen. She loves the frame color...It is a print of her favorite piazza in Rome and evokes special feelings of her Grandmother, her wonderful family trip to Rome and Bonnard, her favorite artist.

Amy recommended shelves on either sides of the hood which really opens up the space.   

 Beautiful still life by Gregory Perkel  

Coveted mud room with dog bath leading to the back door and yard.

Inviting family room off the kitchen.

Dark accents warm the soothing neutrals.   


Jenny included her children's sculptures with objects in the blue family. I love how all the pieces are kept in the center of the  bookshelves.  Although the collections are many they appear lighter with the space on the sides allowing them to breathe....BRILLIANT!!

My favorite was the living room....have I been saying this about EVERY room? Anchored by crisp white linen, they like to mix shiny metals with textured, yet soft jute rugs, black objects and worn wood. Animal print benches and a small antique bench sofa side complete the look.   

 A Gresaille painting hangs over the mantle.   

Iron urn....

Next to the clean lined sofa is this deconstructed bench Jenny had to practically STEAL from Lorie at Muddy Boot.  Muddy Boot is another shop in our town of Summit adding to the many home stores making Summit, NJ a true home decor destination.
 I have a love affair with chairs and this one kills me....

I am a true lover of wine tasting tables...they are chic and rustic at the same time...available HERE 

This is my FAVORITE seating... The Napoleon III antique chairs look modern covered in white linen and the crusty settee covered in silk is perfect with the down cushion.
Antique mirror, swoon!

This is my favorite photo...the gilt iron lamp, antique settee in silk and GORGEOUS Colefax and Fowler window treatments with sisal carpeting.   

 Oh wait!  This is my favorite grouping...the simple antique small chest and that mirror, sisal rug and window treatment. .....dying!

 I needed to lie down so I headed to the master bedroom with lavender bedding from AHome, antique commodes as side tables.....beautiful!

The master bathroom with the empire mirror.  

Gorgeous basket weave marble floor....An addition of a dark antique in the all white bathroom adds warmth.


 Jenny uses this converted closet as a vanity and doesn't miss an opportunity to display a small beautiful oil still life above the mirror.

A close up reveals special items.  

Her daughter's baby cup and photo taken from Jenny and Peter's wedding which reminds her everyday of the big picture.
Look at the stone wall in the wedding pic, swoon!

 The meditation room on the third floor is serene ...although Jenny admits not used as often as she would like.  I would feel peaceful just flying by this room .


Her daughter sews, for goodness sake!  Boundless creativity!  

AND the art studio ....yep, thats right! An art studio was created for Jenny on the third floor where she also teaches and I was in heaven photographing.  Look at this oil painting....(I inquired, it will not be ready for a year or so)   


 Traditional figures in charcoal...

These are great.... With wonderful color...  

 The colors in this figural painting had me transfixed.  Look at the background she created as well as the skin tones and the color of the cloth where he is amazing talented suburban mom....I should have run right out of the house screaming!
I'm always so impressed with creative people.  It must be incredible to sit down,  pick up a tool and be able to create such beauty that will be appreciated forever.  After 16 years of Catholic school and coloring inside the lines, it floors me. I don't even think the Nuns allowed us to USE was messy!

Her new project is the swanky basement...  

 LOVED this mid century modern bookshelf!! If it were small enough I would have placed it in my handbag.  Perfect example of how mid century and 19th century can look great together...lucky Granddaughter got it from her Grandparents....

 The front door was handmade by husband Peter's best friend , Bob Pfaltz , which the homeowner says adds the right feeling of good Karma to this special home.  Well I felt it throughout!  This home has all the right elements .  Fine antiques and sumptuous fabrics existing harmoniously with several cat dishes near the dining room.
Thank you Jenny so very much for sharing your home with all of us. Such an inspiration.  And for all of you out of state readers...
THIS is a New Jersey Housewife!

Which room is your hard to choose!  click HERE to share your thoughts.  To contact talented interior designer
Amy Goldy go to  

Hope you have been able to enjoy some summer....  

Warmest regards,

Please note delivery and shipping is available on all items
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